KeepUp Pirates – RPG – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here you can find some useful hints and answers to the questions about gameplay in the KeepUp Pirates – RPG game. Warning! It contains spoilers.

Tips and Tricks

How to get clay?

  • You need sand and water to make clay at the mortar. So you can make a shovel and dig the grass. After that you will get a lot of clay.

How to get crude salt?

  • You can buy some from the skeleton on the dock.

How to get bone dust?

  • Go to Greg he will give you a recipe for the bone dust and you can make it in the Mortar.

How to climb laders?

  • Climbing ladders is not provided. But it would be worth considering to implement this.

How to craft water jars?

  • There is a water well near the skeleton NPC. Also dig for sand on the beach. Smelt the sand in the furnce. 10 glass = 1 jar

Bone mechanism

  • Where you place the mechanism on that pedestal, there’s a halfway covers circle platform next to it. you dig to uncover it.


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