Fallen Girl – Black Rose and the Fire of Desire – 100% Full Achievement and CG Guide

This guide contains the complete set of choices for unlocking the seven achievements and all the CG art within the gallery. It contains spoilers.

Complete Walkthrough Guide


Fallen Girl: Black Rose and the Fire of Desire contains four chapters and five endings; three bad ones, one normal, and one true ending. One of the bad endings contains a variation that unlocks additional CG and will need to be played through twice.

Each chapter begins with something called a Thought Choice. I recommend making a new save at the start of each Thought Choice.

There are two numerical statistics in the game that determine the endings, Sanity and Desire. As far as I can tell, each chapter sets the value for each statistic to zero such that once you start a new chapter, decisions from previous chapters will have no effect on the outcome. The determination for each ending is made after the selection of the Thought Choices. If your Desire is greater than or equal to Sanity, you’ll obtain the Bad ending for that chapter. If your Sanity is greater, you’ll move onto the next chapter. In the case of chapter four, a higher Desire yields the normal ending, a higher Sanity the true ending.

Thought Choices

Chapter 1

  1. That mirror…
  • A. Smash the mirror [Sanity -10]
  • B. Investigate the mirror [Sanity +10]
  1. Food on the table…
  • A. Dining [Sanity -20]
  • B. Refuse to eat [Sanity +10]
  1. What she said just now
  • A. I can’t go on thinking [Sanity +10]
  • B. My body… Tainted by her [Desire +10]

Chapter 2

  1. That machine…
  • A. There seems to be some flaws in her words. [Sanity +10]
  • B. Will I still be forcibly filled with her magic? [Desire +10]
  1. Those past days…
  • A. Weekly piano lessons [Sanity +10]
  • B. Next week’s prom [Sanity -10]
  1. The input of magic…
  • A. Hold back, not to try easily [Sanity +10]
  • B. Try to study the effect of magic [Desire +10]
  1. She called me a ♥♥♥♥…
  • A. I had to face up to. [Sanity +10]
  • B. I’m just ashamed [Sanity -10]

Chapter 3

  1. Erotic tattoo
  • A. No, I can’t think about it anymore [Desire -5]
  • B. Need to make clear the effect of erotic tattoo [Desire +15]
  1. Who is she?
  • A. She is just a witch…… [Sanity -10]
  • B. Elena…… [Sanity +5]
  1. The feeling for tentacles…
  • A. Desire is part of the human being [Sanity +10]
  • B. My body will not have this desire [Desire +10]
  1. I can atone if I do so.
  • A. Is this really what is necessary for the atonement? [Sanity +5]
  • B. Must follow the witch’s words to atone for my sins [Sanity -20]

Chapter 4

  1. Her plan…
  • A. This is just using malice to defeat malice [Sanity +10]
  • B. The future possibilities of such… [Desire +10]
  1. Noble spirit…
  • A. That’s true [Desire +10]
  • B. It’s not like that [Sanity +10]


The following choices will yield all the endings and unlock all the CG. This isn’t the only decision tree; all that really matters are the values of Sanity and Desire in relation to each other.

Make saves at the start of each chapter’s Thought Choice so you don’t need to run the chapters too many times.

Bad End 1

  • Chapter 1: Q1:A, Q2:B, Q3:B

Bad End 1 Variation

  • Chapter 1: Q1:A, Q2:A, Q3:B

Bad End 2

  • Chapter 1: Q1:B, Q2:B, Q3:A
  • Chapter 2: Q1:B, Q2:B, Q3:B, Q4:B

Bad End 3

  • Chapter 1: Q1:B, Q2:B, Q3:A
  • Chapter 2: Q1:A, Q2:A, Q3:A, Q4:A
  • Chapter 3: Q1:B, Q2:A, Q3:B, Q4:B

Normal End

  • Chapter 1: Q1:B, Q2:B, Q3:A
  • Chapter 2: Q1:A, Q2:A, Q3:A, Q4:A
  • Chapter 3: Q1:A, Q2:B, Q3:A, Q4:A
  • Chapter 4: Q1:B, Q2:A

True End

  • Chapter 1: Q1:B, Q2:B, Q3:A
  • Chapter 2: Q1:A, Q2:A, Q3:A, Q4:A
  • Chapter 3: Q1:A, Q2:B, Q3:A, Q4:A
  • Chapter 4: Q1:A, Q2:B
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