Killer Instinct – Guide to Crash on Start Fix

Fullscreen worked wonders for me. It started as windowed by defauIt and crashed. I had no config file to work with! (fresh new PC) Here’s how I fixed mine. Hope this helps!

How to Fix Crash on Start

Open regedit

  • Go to “gameconfigstore” (or simply search it with Ctrl+F) under HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
  • Search with Ctrl+F below that for “killerinstinct”.
  • Change the very first number on the “parent” value from 01 to 00. It changes back when you run it again, so repeat if necessary.
  • Enter the game settings, and set it to fullscreen.

The game should work from now on. I had audio issues at first but that’s cause I set the bits/hz on my sound settings to something obscure trying to fix a lesser bug in another game. I set it to 24bit 48000hz and that worked out.

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