Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game – Basic Guide (Klowns, Humans, Weapons)

This quick reference guide will help you understand the big picture about the game, its mechanics, and character choices.

Guide to Basics



To cocoon a human, you need to shoot your raygun at them until the bar is filled up. If you damage a human with your weapon and they are weakened, they are able to be cocooned faster then they would if they were at full health. You can also stack the rayguns and all three klowns can fire at one human to cocoon even faster. It is helpful to pick the cocoon up, throw it, run to it, throw it, run to it, and repeat until you get to the machine where you hook the cocoon because it’s faster. You walk very slow while carrying cocoons and doing this action decreases that time.


To perform a klowntality on a human, you need to first down them with your secondary weapons (the other weapon that is not the cotton candy raygun) once they are down you hold down on a button over the downed human which will allow you to perform the klowntality. While you are executing the human, in the real world, there is an area of black fog that consumes where you are executing. So the other klowns and humans on the map will just see a bunch of black fog during the klowntality.


  • Jumbo’s Mallet (can be charged up to do more damage)
  • Spikeys Popcorn Bazooka
  • Shorty’s Boxing Gloves (can be charged up, and if you hit a fully charged hit, you “knock [the humans] block of”)
  • Cotton Candy RayGun


Lackeys walk around the map to alert klowns if they come across a human and can also carry cocoons to machines. Handing the cocoons off to the lackeys allows klowns to not have to worry about it and allows them more time to continue hunting for humans. To spawn a lackey on the map, you must hook three cocoons onto a machine and they slide down the side of the machine and will then start walking and exploring the map looking for humans. If they find a human they will make an alert sound. They can also hook themselves onto humans and give them a “piggyback ride”. 


  • Jump Trick (teleport anywhere on the map, but only where other klowns have visited. Jumbo can teleport anywhere even if another klown hasn’t discovered it yet)
  • LOL Trick (increased stamina, health, and damage for 9 seconds)
  • Jumbo’s Hypnosis (puts humans in a trance like state and gets them to come to Jumbo)
  • Shorty’s Pizza Box Uppercut (turn into a pizza box and run around, when you come out of the pizza box you perform an uppercut)
  • Spikey’s Tracking Balloon Dog (track humans)



The humans had a variety of different weapons. In the demo there were pistols, shotguns, baseball bats, axes, knives, wrenches, bricks,  tennis balls, baseballs, flares, airhorns, and more. The baseball bats, wrenches, bricks, tennis balls, baseballs, and axes were used to stun the klowns and knock them out. Once stunned/knocked, the humans can then use either pistols, shotguns, or a knife to pop the Klowns nose which will then make them explode and will be dead for 45 seconds before they respawn.

There were also consumables. There were energy drinks that would increase your stamina and could run faster, there is a cheeseburger that you can eat for health, a popsicle you can eat for health, and a medkit to heal you. All the consumables are also able to be thrown at the killer to do damage. There is also a compass that allows you to see the locations of all the escapes when activated. You have only four base inventory slots to store items.


When a human is cocooned, that does not mean you are dead. If you have a sharp object while you are in a cocoon, you will be able to cut yourself free before you die. A teammate will also be able to come help you and tear away the cotton candy until you are free.


So to explain the minigames more. Once you die there are a few different minigames that rotate out after you complete one. When you complete a minigame, you have to pick a random card out of three options. Whatever card you pick will have an item such as a hamburger, a baseball bat, ammo for a gun, etc.

If you die you have the option to either give the card to the player you are spectating, or keep the card for yourself for if you get revived through the Resurrection Machine and you’ll spawn with your cards. If you have escaped and you’re spectating you only have the option to give the spectating player the card that you choose. You can also hide the minigames in game if you just want to spectate your fellow humans and not play games.

Meeting Point

At the start of the match, humans have the option to run to a meeting point on the map. At this meeting point there are a bunch of different things you can grab to start the match off. Some of the things include guns, axes, gas, food, etc. There’s also another feature that when you are in the radius of the meeting point, you can see the locations of all the escapes, but when you leave the meeting point, you can’t see them anymore.

Resurrection Machine

The resurrection machine is spawned in a random place on the map. You can only use it ONCE throughout the entire match so you have to be wise and not careless with it. It is activated when at least one human dies, but you should never use it when only one is dead. If you use it when only one person is dead, then only one person is revived and anyone else who dies the rest of the match is dead permanently.

It is best to use it when at least 4 or 5 people are dead so you get the most out of the machine and everyone comes back. There are skill checks and it takes about an estimated 15-20 seconds, but you do not need any gas or spark plugs to activate it.

Boomboxes & TVs

On the maps there are boomboxes and TVs. Humans are able to turn on both of them which will then continue to make an alert sound, acting as if a human is nearby so the klowns will check it out. Klowns can hit the boomboxes and TVs with their weapon to break them and stop the alert. It also stops it from being able to be turned on again for the rest of the match.


When you loaded into a match in the demo, there were already pre-cocooned humans just laying on the ground. My theory is that there will be NPCs when the game gets released, but since this was just a demo they did not want to make the game too confusing for the gamers and also wanted to keep it a surprise. Also while I was recording footage I noticed that there was an “NPC” killed after the Klownpocalypse went off.

Why cocoons better then murder

Well the cacoons are to push towards the klownpocalypse earlier and also lower the CD of your abilities. They aren’t useless, but they do open for saving, but that can also open for ambushing. Personally, I think klowntalities should be locked behind cocooning.

You can bait human players into trying to save them, which is way more risky for humans than it is for klowns. It also counts a regular cocoon so it pushes up the klownpocalypse. I think this is explained in the tutorial.

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