Kubinashi Recollection – Secret Achievements Guide

How to unlock the game’s 6 final hint-less achievements. Intended for intermediate to advanced players.

How to Obtain All Hidden Achievements

All credit goes to Naro!

Achievement 4-5

[What’s the Password?]

  • Find the hidden stage

In the secret room, input a secret level code such as 0.01.

Achievement 4-6


  • Complete the Banki Ice Cream

This can be completed as early as 1-1. Stand on top of one head while holding another for 10 seconds.

Achievement 4-7

[The “Good Work” Award]

  • Clear stages 1-1 through 10-5 on Normal Mode

If you’ve come this far, this one isn’t much of a secret. Just clear the game.

Achievement 4-8

[Puzzle God]

  • Complete any stage on Normal Mode with 1 extra head (except 1-1)

This one’s kinda tricky. A simple way of getting this is using stage 6-4 and performing an insanely precise trick, but you only need to pull it off once, followed by a much simpler mid-air boost.

First, pick up a head and hug the left wall. Jump, drop the head, and then try to grab it as soon as you would bounce off of it.

Another way is using 6-5 and performing two relatively lenient mid-air boosts back-to-back instead of the one frame-perfect trick.

A similar frame-perfect trick can be done on 7-1.

Achievement 4-9


  • Have a Total Time of less than 30 minutes

If you’ve been working on your golds and platinums, this one should come naturally. Otherwise, picking up some speedrun tricks will net you this one in no time.

Achievement 4-10

[Kubinashi Recollection]

  • Earn all achievements

The achievement to end all achievements. The meta achievement. That’s all.

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  1. There’s a easier way to get achievement 4-8. Go to secret level 0.01 in the secret room. Without getting the puzzle piece, this level can be completed only by using one head.

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