Kynseed – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Story Related Achievements

We’ve only just begun

  • Complete the Prologue

Just play through the first season/ child section at the start of the game.

Didn’t Chicken Out

  • Clear the story task Murder Most Fowl

This questline is started through Worzel Scrumpy once your renown reaches Novice (Tier 2).

See this guide for details.

Is the Kid napping?

  • Clear the story task A missing Child

Once your reputation reaches Apprentice (Tier 3), you will receive a letter in the mail informing you of a missing child and starting the quest. To complete you will just have to fight your way through Simplewood.

Pumped Up

  • Clear the story task The Unwell

Once your reputation reaches Journeyman (Tier 4), you will be able to speak with Paige Turner in Frogmarsh. You will need a bottle of blessed water which you can find in Tir Na Nog. Once acquired, speak with Paige again and she will open the way to Dreadwaters. Enter after 5pm and sneak your way past Daddy Long Legs into his Lair. Finally, use your blessed water on the well in the center of the room. Maybe now the inhabitants of Copperpot will be a little more friendly.

A Quick JibberJabber

  • Clear the story task The Encounter

Once your reputation reaches Craftsman (Tier 5), you will be able to encounter the Jabberwocky for the first time. Find it just outside of Toughwood at midnight during a storm.

Shame on me

  • Clear the story task Fool Me Twice

Once your reputation reaches Artisan (Tier 6), look out for another letter from definitely not a hag. Clear Midwood to complete the quest.

Mysteries in Spades

  • Clear the story task Burying the Past

Once your reputation reaches Adept (Tier 7), your sibling will send you a letter this time asking for help with your late uncle’s journal. Follow the journal’s riddle and use a Shadderwryth Ore shovel to dig up your uncle’s old sword.

Three’s the charm

  • Clear the story task Third Time Lucky

Once your reputation reaches Expert (Tier 8), find yet another letter from what certainly could not be another hag for a third time. Clear toughwood to complete the quest.

Snake Solids

  • Clear the story task Charming the Wyrm

Once your reputation reaches Master (Tier 9), your sibling will give you a quest to prepare for your encounter with the Jabberwock. You’re going to need Abbysstone Ore, which turns out to be wyrm poo. The Cooking master will help you devise a laxative and you’ll find the wyrm’s lair at the back of Daddy Longleg’s lair in Dreadwaters.

O frabjous day! Calloooh! Callay

  • Clear the story task The Jabberwock

Once your reputation reaches Legend (Tier 10), It’s finally time to slay the Jabberwock.

Once you have made your vorpal sword out of abbysstone and have a hyalite charm, head to toughwood during a storm at midnight. It may also help to bring an abbysstone ward though it isn’t required.

Crafting and Shop Achievements

It’s Raw

  • Cook your first meal

Just cook something at the stove once you’ve found a recipe you can complete.

Hail to the Chef

  • Cook a 5 star meal

I found this was easiest to achieve by cooking pies, the minigame is reasonably easy and will give you 2 bonus stars if you perform well. You should be able to get this using only 3 star materials.

Iron Maiden

  • Forge your first item

If you follow your tasks you will get this when you make a sickle during the prologue.

Hitting the Sweet Spots

  • Forge a 5 star item

If you are trying to rush this you should be able to use a 4 star ore to create either a 5 star sword or sickle if you perfect the minigame. Otherwise I recommend getting a 5 star ore and making a shovel, trust me you will want a 5 star shovel.

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

  • Craft your first cure

You should get this during the prologue when you make medicine for uncle, if you don’t you’re a bad niece and or nephew.

George Thinks it’s Marvellous

  • Craft your first 5 star cure

The easiest way to get a 5 star cure is to make any of the creams. It’s another easy minigame that gives 2 bonus stars on perfection so you should be able to achieve this with 3 star materials. To hit perfect every time, put 9 drops of your ingredients in the bowl then fill the rest with wax. No need to mix.

Open All Hours

  • Purchase a shop

Cheapest ones are in the starter town. I recommend an apothecary for reputation gains.

You’re Special

  • Specialise your shop

In Tir Na Nog you will find a gnome craftsman who will sell shop specializations for 3000 brass a pop. I recommend exotic cures to start with, though the fish shop is also pretty strong.

Perky Blinder

  • Unlock all the perks for a shop

This is just a grind. All of the shops have their own ranks and generate perks to a unified pool so I suggest using perk points gained in your shops and smithies to max out your apothecaries first. Note you don’t need to max out your specialization perks for this, just the base shop’s perks.

Villager Relation Achievements

You’ve got a friend in me

  • Become Friendly with a villager

Find somebody you like and give them a gift they don’t hate everyday until they hit the first friend threshold.

They Like Me!

  • Encourage a villager to Like you

Keep doing that until they hit the second threshold.

The NPC Who Loved Me

  • Form a bond of Love with a villager

Keep doing that until they hit the third and final threshold. They should give your a unique task now to prove you really love them.

A Hitch in Time

  • Get married

Complete that unique quest then gift them a white rose that you found in Loverwood on a Goddess Day. This will start a week long questline where you get a new task every day. Once you finish the quest you can gift your lover the binding bands at anytime to schedule your wedding. Don’t miss the date and make sure to initiate the wedding by talking to the priest in Loverwood before 1pm that day.

Kinder Surprise

  • Have a baby/adopt

Now that you’re married, gift your lover a rabbit corndoll which you can purchase from most general stores (or order from your own if you have the first or second item unlock perk). This will start a minigame where you just spin a wheel and hope you land on the stork picture. If you don’t see the stork picture, boost your virility (5 start carrots are great for this) and maybe pray to a goddess for increased chance of babies and try again. Once you succeed, look out for the stork in a weeks time for your new baby.

Comb Your Heir

  • Pass on the Kynseed

Once you’ve hit the old age of 50 this will happen naturally. You can speed the process up by clicking the uproot button from your kynseed if you’re impatient or simply done with the current generation.

Ooh you shouldn’t have!

  • Gift a villager one of their liked items

I hear Ned Scrumpy likes apples.

These are three of my favourite things

  • Gift a villager all of their liked items

If you gift everybody something everyday, you’ll figure out the three likes of somebody in no time. Although I hear Ned Scrumpy also likes gassy apples and pears.

Noticeable Progress

  • Perform a favour or notice board task for an NPC

Just do a task at the noticeboard. Or do an NPC task by asking how an NPC is when they have an exclamation above their head.

I’ll Cry if I Want To

  • Give an NPC a disliked item for their birthday

Preferably do this to somebody you dislike and keep doing it until they hate you. No really, certain fauna and flora grow better by feeding off that hatred or something.

Combat Achievements

Picnic in the Woods

  • Clear Simplewood

Not too bad but you might want to get a decent zinc and iron sword first to deal with nymphs and hags respectively.

You’re Simply the Best

  • Clear SImplewood after traveling as deep as you can

You can either rush to the deepest section or plan it out so you hit the deepest depth in the last room. Either way get used to the difficulty back there because you’re going to need 5 star monster drops later. Personally my kill order is lobs>nobs>hobs>nymphs>hags.

Hags to the Left of Me, Croakers to the Right

  • Clear Midwood

Copper is good for the croakers and Luminium for the fachen.

Stuck in the Middle With You

  • Clear Midwood after traveling as deep as you can

Same verse as the first. In Midwood my killorder is croakers>greater nobs>fachen>water hags>spriggen. If you are decent with parrying the spriggen will kill themselves on you while you deal with the real threats.

When the Going gets Tough

  • Clear Toughwood

I like shadderwryth for the ogyrs and iron for the remnants and hags.

The Tough Get Going

  • Clear Toughwood after traveling as deep as you can

Kill order here is usually ogyr>barghest>banshee>remnant>night hag. In general never let ogyrs and barghest stick with each other, the ogyr gets a whistle attack that lets all barghest attack you rapidly. The banshee is mostly just a pain due to shielding its allies, though its attacks might also one shot you at max depth. remnants have a stun that you need to avoid and the hags are kind of a pushover especially compared to the hags from simplewood.

Like A Boss

  • Defeat an elite monster

The story missions will spawn an elite but you can also spawn them by taking contracts for elites from the Witch Hunter in the tavern at Homesteads. Either way they are always in the final room except for during an eclipse, in which case they spawn in every room regardless of your quests.

Exploration Achievements

Crackling Cartography

  • Discover all the map stones at a single location

You should probably get this on your farm day 1.

All Mapped Out

  • Discover all the map stones at every location

This should be fixed as of the current patch. The Last location you should need gets unlocked at renown tier 9.

A Briar Engagement

  • Travel to Briar

Right after the prologue, equip your obscura lens, go to the stone circles on your farm, shine your light through the northwest doorway then walk in.

Paradise Found

  • Travel to Tir Na Nog

You will get the required glass lens after meeting the Masters at the Circle. Use the obscura on the northeast doorway of the stone circles.

The Ramble in the Bramble

  • Travel to Evergreen

You can get the required lens for 2000 brass at Pixie Lottery’s emporium in Tir Na Nog. Its the southeast door this time.

Vacuum Packed

  • You will get the lens required once you hit renown tier 9 and speak with the Masters at the circle. Southwest now.

Super Casanova

  • Discover all the date spots

You’ll probably find all of these while looking for mapstones. I’ll see about making a guide for them after this guide is finished.

Absolute Beginners

  • Learn a skill from a master

You will probably get this during the prologue from the Cooking master.

Now I am the Master

  • Learn all the skills from a master

I recall the Garden Master’s tasks being the easiest though it doesn’t matter which you do first due to the next achievement.

Proficiency Cycling

  • Learn all the skills from all the masters

Prepare to grind. In many cases a high ranked tool can edge out the stars required on fish, crops and herbs required. Plus a 5 star shovel of hyalite or abysstone can dig up some of the monster parts required for the Sword and Bow masters.

Hare-raising prices

  • Purchase your first Fairweather item

The free one doesn’t count. Head back to Briar and buy something you like. Don’t worry it’s just a few years off your life.

Yay Big Spender

  • Win an auction

Any of the auctions will do, but you probably got this during the prologue when you bought that pig for your uncle, right?


  • Win the top prize on the Marble Toss

This might be a grind depending on how good you are at the minigame. It’s located in Festival Green during pretty much any shop/auction/race/Goddess/Competition day. You need at least 1500 points to reach the top prize meaning you are going to have to aim for the green circles to get extra balls several times. Just remember you don’t have to stand in one spot and the ball does bounce to hit farther targets.

Beat the banker

  • Win one of the top 3 prizes in Squael or No Squeal

This minigame is located on the east side of Tir Na Nog in a little hut. I think only the top prize gave me the achievement though. Either way just randomly guess pig balloons until you get lucky enough to get this one. Might want to pick up 3 magic beans while you’re here.

It Was Fete

  • Win a village competition

Don’t feel that you need to rush this one, though if you want it early I recommend the Vegetable competition in Autumn. If you can get the Salad Day’s prayer active it should be no trouble to grow three 5 star vegetables to turn in. Another option is the Cooking competition in Summer, but you need to get lucky on the theme. Either way, by the time you are finishing up the Mastery skills you will have access to plenty of 5 star items for all 4 competitions.

In good graces

  • Make an offering to the Goddesses

As far as I’m aware you need to make an offering in each bowl at once to get this one.

A Literal Godsend

  • Receive a 5 star boon from a Goddess

Just make a max level offering when you can. The bonus stars on either fruit or vegetable is a good way to stock up early for further 5 star offerings.

Hidden Achievements

Play it Backwards

  • Rejuvenate a beloved animal

When you get the music box from the masters at renown Tier 7, take it and one of your pets to the Dancers. Stand on the bottom of the two circles in the center and play the music box to make your pet a few years younger.


  • Purchase an item from the Ghost Trader

Shine your obscura lantern on the broken down cart in southwest Rivermoor to find the Ghost Trader. He will sell you some random monster parts in exchange for accepting a curse for 72 hours.

Secret Shopper

  • Visit one of the secret markets

Once you hit renown tier 3 the masters will give you the key to both secret markets. They are in Tir Na Nog and E’ergreen marked by a very non secret sign telling you what day and time they open each season. I highly recommend visiting the market in E’ergreen for high rank monster parts.

Would Edward Woodward, if he could?

  • Attend the Summertide event for a second time

Day 14 of Summer on any year ending in 1 (i.e. 11, 21, 31). Just head over to the Festival Green and the sacrifice should start.

That was my foot

  • Take part in a dance

There should be a dance in each season for each of the havens respectively, however so far I have only discovered the Maypole Dance which takes place on Day 1 of Summer in FestField. You’ll have to speak to the event master to initiate your participation, then throw an item into the ring of dancers and hope somebody picks it up.

I’d Rather Keep the Cow

  • Plant 3 magic beans

Hope you picked up those magic beans from the Tir Na Nog minigame, if not go get 3 then plant them in The Circle, Dreamers Nook and Mosswhisper Ruins.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

  • Take an egg from a Chicken Migration

Day 6 in Spring from 6am to 8pm chickens will march from FineFayre to FestField. Just approach one and grab an egg, or if you want shoot them with a slingshot to grab 2. This is a great opportunity to stock up on hundreds of eggs as cheap gifts and baking material.

The Jaunting

  • Receive an item from a ghost during the Spirit Walk

Day 8 in Winter from 8pm to 6 am ghosts will drift from Burial Grounds to The Circle. Shine your obscura lantern directly on them and they will drop monster materials, unfortunately only 1 star in my experience but it doesn’t hurt to stock up for crafting.

Field of Screams

  • Strike Fred Barleycorn

This is probably the reason you’re on this guide. The villagers don’t know what they are talking about, Fred comes out in Summer not Autumn. I found him specifically Day 4 of Summer at noon in Naida’s Glory. When you see him, pelt him with slingshot to get some goodies.

Clowning Around

  • Witness Tickling Tom Hookfingers scaring a villager

Creepy clown wanders Mellowbrook in Autumn. I unfortunately don’t have a specific day/time for this guy but I also ran into him many times during my playthrough. If he touches you make sure to shoot him to get your stuff back.

There Will Be Blood

  • Fight during a Blood Moon

When everything turns red, report to your nearest dungeon for a beating and this achievement. The Blood Moon allows all of the monsters to attack at the same time instead of waiting for their turn like normal. I think the drops are improved during this but I have not tested it.

Total Carnage

  • Fight during an Eclipse

When the night looks extra dark I think? Hopefully they implement a ui feature to tell that there is actually an eclipse going on. Either way you’ll know you got it right if elite monsters are showing up en masse in the dungeons.

Spawn Camper

  • Catch a fish during a Fish Frenzy

This one seems random during Autumn and Winter. You’ll notice some bubbles on your favorite fishing spot. Just catch something there and enjoy the rapid fish spawns while they last.

Is it safe to eat?

  • Pick a mushroom during a Mushroom Sporing

I think this happens randomly during Summer and Autumn, which is probably when you’ll be gathering mushrooms anyway. I didn’t notice any obvious signs of the event but supposedly the mushrooms respawn quicker than usual? If it helps I got it while gathering the rainbow mushroom in Cuckoo Woods.

Allergy Season

  • Pick a flower during a Flower Bloom

I think this happens randomly during Spring and Summer. It’s another one where I couldn’t really see the visual indicator. If it helps I got it while gathering primrose in Candlewych Village.

A Lode of Fun

  • Mine some ore during an Ore Rush

I think this one can happen at anytime during the year and it’s a bit more obvious. The ore will be sparkling when it’s active and respawn after a few hours (maybe 6?).

Seeing Stars

  • Witness a Lucky Lucky Star

Last random event, seems to be able to happen anytime anywhere. I think my first was in Mellowbrook during the Summer and the second was in Poppyhill during the Autumn of a different year. Very Obvious when it comes crashing down, just be ready to grab the sprites it releases for some high rank ores.

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