Third Crisis – How to Unlock the Super Dad Outfit for Throb

This guide is about how to unlock the Super Dad Outfit for Throb.

The Super Dad Outfit Guide


Are you like me? I bought Third Crisis specifically for the Super Dad Outfit. But when I unlocked said outfit, I discovered it wasn’t available until version 0.50 would be released.

Then of course it was released and today I returned to the game. I eagerly checked the changelog and was utterly disappointed to find out there was no mention of it. Just some stupid outfits I didn’t even care about. So I’m here to spread awareness to this outfit and help you all unlock it for yourselves.


You can’t get the outfit without having unlocked Throb as a playable character in your party. So first things first. You need to progress the main story until he decides to join your party. If you do not have Throb, leave the guide and progress the main story until he decides to join your party. Otherwise continue to the next step.

Super Dad Outfit

Now that you have Throb, make sure to collect 250 of in-game currency (f*ckBucks) then make your way over to the Gear Store and buy the Super Dad Outfit.


Congratulations! You have it!

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