Labyrinthine – How to Unlock New Maze Types

Guide to Unlock New Maze Types

By default Cornfields, Sewer, and Kept Hedges are unlocked when playing the randomly generated cases. The rest of the maze types unlock as follows:

  • Level 5 – Unkept Hedges, Forest, Crypts
  • Level 10 – Snowy Hedges, Manor, Bamboo Forest, Backrooms
  • Level 15 – Trenches, Carnival, Fog City
  • Level 20 – Dead Forest, Mines

There are four more maze types that are being developed: Brick Maze, Castle, Swamp, and Ruins. One will unlock at level 20 (likely Brick Maze, but don’t quote me on that), the rest will unlock at level 25.

Cosmetics have a 15% chance to spawn on regular cases, and everyone that wants the cosmetic needs to pick it up before the case is completed. Depending on the maze type they can spawn at landmarks (points of interest on a map that are often, but not always, in a wide open area) and safe houses. You can only have one cosmetic spawn per map (with one exception: a secret cosmetic on Manor can spawn alongside a regular cosmetic elsewhere).

When playing the randomly generated cases, there’s a low chance of a case with a modifier spawning. The modifiers are currently rare and (starting at level 10) hardcore. Rare cases will have a blue stamp appear on the case on the noticeboard, and has a guaranteed cosmetic somewhere in the maze. You also get a boost of XP and tickets after completing the case. Hardcore cases will have a pentagram stamp appear on the case, and will have a guaranteed, hardcore-exclusive cosmetic somewhere in the maze. The difference with hardcore is that you have zero lives, infinite lives can’t be used, you’ll have at least 3 monsters chosen, and if you fail the case or return to the lobby, the case re-rolls itself, so you only have one shot, one opportunity to finish the case.

Also, in rare and hardcore cases, you have a chance at finding a stamp in one of the maze’s safe houses. Rarely you can find a second one, as well! The stamp will let you custom generate a rare or hardcore case, depending on where you picked up the stamp.

The Custom Cases option is used by clicking on the cog wheel next to a case you don’t want to complete. It opens up the UI that lets you set the size of the maze you want to play, the number of lives you have, number of monsters, which maze type you want to play on, and which monsters you want considered to appear on the case.

To unlock monsters to use in custom cases, you have to encounter them 10 times in the randomly generated cases. Multiples in one case don’t count, so if you complete 2 cases that had 3 Wickerman in them each, it will only count twice for unlocking Wickerman.

To unlock maze types to use in custom cases, there’s a 15% chance that a blueprint will spawn in a safe house. If you pick up that blueprint and complete the case, it will unlock the maze type for everyone that picked up the blueprint. If the blueprint is picked up for a maze type you already have unlocked, you’ll instead earn 10 tickets. So if you want to unlock Bamboo Forest for example, you’ll need to find the blueprint in a Bamboo Forest safe house.

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