Labyrinthine – How to Survive the Sea Dog Monster (Chapter 5)

Guide to Survive the Sea Dog Monster

In the chapter 5, the Sea Dog will be spawning in when you reach the Swamp. The Sea Dog is a very very scary monster. In The Swamp you will see it and when it see you, it will try to kill you. If you and up getting killed, you will lose one (1) life (if you’r playing with freinds).

The Sea Dog is very fast also, it can kill all you and youre freinds quickly, so watch out. If you see the See Dog, you best run immediately, as it killing your friends is no problem within (5 second).

How to Counter the Sea Dog

In The game Lore you will hear that the Sea Dog has bad hearing, The Sea Dog is practially deaf and will not hear you’re foot steps. So therefore stand still so he cannot see you, his bad hearing has impaired him from seeing, make sure to stay quiet if he approaches you..

To get rid of the sea monster you will need to exit the Swamp.

P.S And if you see the Mosqito, activate VOIP and say Gary 3 X (three times), Sponge Bob will now spawn If you do the steps right. Little funny easter egg (written April 18 under the Easter season 2022).

Thanks for reading, this guide was brought to you by the Labyrinthine Experts Team.

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