LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – How to Get Every Gonk Droid

This guide will tell you how to get every Gonk Droid and the Gonk Droid Ship.

Guide to Get Gonk Droids

How to unlock Gonk Droid and Gonk Ship

To unlock the Gonk Droid you must do the gonk droid missions on the planets Cantonica, Genosis, Kashyyk, Kef Bir, Utapau and Tattoine, on Tattoine the quests are located in Mos Eisley and Jundland Wastelands.

After you have completed all of these missions you go to Mustafar space and complete the mission “The Final Gonk” to get the Gonk Droid and The Gonk Droid Ship.

The order of which you complete the missions don’t matter apart from “The Final Gonk” in Mustafar space which must be done last.

How to unlock Gonkatine

Gonkatine is a red Gonk Droid that can be obtained by completing the “Knights of Gonk” quest on Exegol in the Sith Citadel.

How to unlock the Holiday Special Gonk Droid

This Gonk Droid can be obtained by simply using the code “LIFEDAY”.

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