Len’s Island – Definitive Island Guide

This guide will cover everything you will need to know about the main island your len will live on, including normal and key locations, what spawns here and things you will run into.

Guide to Island

The Island

The Main Island, The one you spawn on. The one you live on and ultimately the place you will thrive in your time on Len’s Island. This island has a lot to offer you and Your Len for the time you spend here, It’ll take up a fair bit time in spending here just as much as the Caves will so it’s nice to get comfortable and acquainted with the Island. Learning it helps you not to get lost either and to earn a bit more in your adventures.

First Impressions

When you first load into Len’s Island you are Greeted to a warm Morning, The soft lap of the beach against the shore And your Len. Shoe-less and awaking on the Island from the Raft.

This Raft is your start, It contains a Bedroll tucked into the inner left of it. It will allow you to sleep when the night comes and save at it when you need to; Next to it is a Small Item Box, This contains your starter items that will already be in your Hotbar but in case you loose them for some reason you can always return here to pick up a new one.

The Island contains a lot of Resources, You can see most of these resources in your Backpack Resource menu but not all of that is on the Island, I will list All the Items you can Find on the Island. Drops that are Underlined have a chance to drop but aren’t Guaranteed.

  • Barrels – Drops Salvaged Metal
  • Bottles – Drops Glass
  • Wooden Chest – Drops Salvaged Metal, Iron Shards, Gold and Light Stone
  • Bushes – Drops Fibre
  • Fibre Plant – Drops Fibre in Abundance
  • Blueberries – Drops Blueberries
  • Marigold – Drops Marigold (Orange Flowers)
  • Lavender – Drops Lavender (Purple Flowers)
  • Stone Node – Drops Stone, Iron Shards
  • Limestone Node – Drops Limestone
  • Clay Node – Drops Clay. Sapphires.
  • Tree’s – 3 Sizes of Tree, Each size has more Health, Drops more Wood.

All these resources can be found on the island and a certain resources only spawn in certain areas. For example limestone is only found at beach’s or slightly in the water and like most of this game, the fun and interest of it is finding it on your own. (If requests come in for me to add certain locations where resources may spawn in more abundance I will do that.)

The island is beautiful and has many key areas that can be beneficial to you if you choose to return to them. On the eastern side of the island there is a little water walk which leads to a smaller one. This island contains the following. Two ankle-biters and an abundance of clay. And some limestone this makes it good for those kinds of resources without being too dangerous

Towards the top of the island in the north-west is a place called the sandstone alter in here you can find more resources and more rarer items too, something you can’t usually find around other areas in the island. The area contains the following 4 ankle-biters and 2 boars. Multiple barrels and typically 2 chests full of goodies.

At the very north, very top of the island there is a broken bridge. You can skip the first bridge by jumping on the rocks to the right. When you get there you must spend resources to rebuild it and it leads up to a high land mini island. Up there contains a broken down ornate structure and 2 barrels.

To the west there is what some players may know as the ‘demo island’ and it’s here where more things exist for you to find. You can find at the farthest side of it in the west the pirate island which contains a bit more loot for you to find and some structures for you to enjoy as well. With multiple ways to traverse it can be a bit of an enjoyable area to build around.

Next part is a little secret, so I won’t show any details unless you choose to.) North of the ‘demo island’ is the ‘lonely island’ which holds a skeleton and sword called the marlin which is a great starter weapon you can acquire for free. Can also be reached by swimming to the border of the map and it will reset you to the island.

Moving onto the key areas of the island, there are three key points. One of these points will be redacted with a spoiler. First the broken bridge at the north-east side of the map which leads to bridgewater, the village on len’s island. It’s one of your key travel points as you will be going there quite a lot to interact with npcs and merchants.

The second place you will visit is the cave entrance, sat in the lower centre of the map this is your access to the caves. Allowing you to gather more resources than what you can usually get on the island. Let you fight, explore and adventure. This is another key area you will spend a lot of your time in. I’d suggest getting familiar where this is, especially early on in the game when you are running around in the dark it can be easy to loose your way.

And for the last area, which is redacted. You unlock this entrance later and it sits on the ‘demo island’ this area is unlocked when you are much farther into the caves and unlock a blocked mineshaft, upon repairing it this entrance is unlocked to allow safe fast travel for key points in the cave.

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