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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Len’s Island single-player or multiplayer?

  • The game is single-player only, we have plans to expand Len’s Island into a multiplayer game for the full release. More details about this will be given later in development.

How many people are working on Len’s Island?

  • Len’s Island is developed by 2 people full-time, Julian and Martin. We also have helping hands with music, SFX, shaders, graphics programming, and splash art. We plan to expand the team to around 6-8 people soon after launch.

Will Len’s Island be translated into other languages?

  • Yes, but after the release. The game will launch in English only, then we will start adding localisation options for the most requested languages after the release.

Is there a female character and a choice of skin colours?

  • Yep, and we will continue to expand on the character customization options over time.

Is there WASD & controller support?

  • You can choose between a WASD and Mouse-based control schemes at launch, controller support will be in soon.

Will more accessibility options be added such as UI scaling, key binding, and colour blindness modes?

  • Yep there sure will be, we have just been focusing on getting the core game perfect first. Throughout early access, we will continue to expand upon our accessibility and control options as our goal is to make Len’s Island an experience everyone can enjoy.

How long will Len’s Island be in Early Access

  • We are planning to officially release the game in the next 2-3 years. We have big ideas for the future of Len’s Island and the game that is launching in early access is just a small slice of what we want to call the finished game.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

  • We are planning to expand the game in several areas throughout early access. The main points of interest for future development are: Detailed quests and NPC interactions, expanding the dungeons with more enemy types, more bosses and eventually adding the final boss. Along with adding a lot more building and farming content. We are planning to add more worlds and islands to explore, along with completely new dungeons and ways to fight enemies. Then finally, multiplayer. The community has been heard loud and clear and pending the success of the game throughout early access, we are planning multiplayer support for the full release.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

  • Prices may increase slightly over early access and onto the full release, although Len’s Island will always be an indie game with indie pricing.

How much gameplay time is available at the early access launch?

  • This is a hard question to answer, as we’ve had testers play the game upwards of 100-200 hours already. Our estimate is that people generally take 25-40 hours of playtime to get to the end of the dungeons and collect most of the weapons. Some of you may finish it quicker or slower than that. This time will only continue to expand throughout early access, as we have already designed several news areas to the dungeons and islands. Len’s Island is also an open-world game, so you can play it for as long as you wish and keep on building and farming to your heart’s content. The dungeons under the main island will double in size throughout early access, along with many more new areas being added. There will also be lots more content, specifically to do with farming, building and questing. Our aim is to have a game with an average of 100+ hours of playtime to finish by release.
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