Liftoff – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide aims to share how I got the achievements in Liftoff.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Dated Achievements

Alright, let’s get started with the section that will take the longest to complete. Liftoff has date-specific achievements (hooray), but thankfully they aren’t too bad to complete. They simply involve finding some hidden objects scattered around each environment.

You only have to find these objects in one environment for the achievements! Most objects aren’t too hard to find. If you are struggling to find them, I would suggest looking on the ‘Hall 26’ map. It has very little visual clutter and is easy to scout.

The achievements

  • Heart Collector – Collect all the hearts in a single environment during the Valentine’s Day event.
  • Leprechaun Madness – Find all pots of gold in a single environment during the St Patrick’s day event.
  • Fool’s Gold – Collect all the coins in a single environment during the April Fool’s event.
  • Easter Egg Hunting – Find all easter eggs in a single environment during the Easter event. (Editor’s note, there is 1 big golden egg and 5 smaller egg baskets per map. The objects are hidden in such a way that a person could hide it with ease.)
  • LuGus Fest – Activate all LuGus cubes in a single environment during the LuGus festival event.
  • Trick or Treat – Trick all the pumpkins into giving you treats in a single environment during the Halloween event.
  • Snow Spotter – Spot every snowman in a single environment during the Christmas event.

The dates

  • Feb 14th – Heart Collector
  • Mar 17th – Leprechaun Madness
  • Apr 1st – Fool’s Gold
  • Apr 15th – Easter Egg Hunting
  • Aug 1st – LuGus Fest
  • Oct 31st – Trick or Treat
  • Dec 25th – Snow Spotter

Put a note in your calendar and set a reminder so you don’t forget. You won’t have to play exactly on the dates listed, events usually seem to run for a week or so.

Liftoff Pro Progression

Liftoff has their own progression system tied to their account. You’ll want to make an account before you start playing and honing your skills. You can sign up/log in in Liftoff by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the main menu.

The Liftoff Pro progression achievements are as follows:

  • Takeoff – Reach level 1 on your Liftoff Pro account.
  • Ascend – Reach level 10 on your Liftoff Pro account.
  • Soaring – Reach level 20 on your Liftoff Pro account.
  • Rare Goodies – Open 10 gift boxes in the drone workbench.
  • Epic Goodies – Open 20 gift boxes in the drone workbench.
  • Legendary Goodies – Open 30 gift boxes in the drone workbench.

Each time you level up you will earn a gift box, which can be opened in the workbench. These gift boxes give you cosmetic loot for your drones. I may be wrong but I think the only source of these boxes is from leveling up, so you will need to reach Level 30.

As you play you will automatically level up. The total XP you will need is around 30000. (This is an estimate as I am not yet at Level 30 at the time of writing.)

You can get bonus experience from doing multiplayer races, improving your best times and laps on races, and by completing a race on each track once a day. There might be more ways to earn better XP.

Making Your Mark – Place a time on Liftoff Pro tournament leaderboard.

This achievement can only be completed at specific times. Throughout the year there will be tournaments organized my Liftoff which you can find under the Multiplayer section. When one of these is active, simply join the tournament and complete the race. (Some tournaments have limited entries. Just focus on completing the race and not crashing.) The achievement should be awarded when your complete the race.


The multiplayer achievements might be hard to get depending on the playerbase’s activity. If you can’t find anyone to play with, these achievements are easily done if you have 2 friends with a copy of the game.

  • Applause – Give 20 likes to other players in multiplayer games.
  • Applauded – Receive 30 likes from other players in multiplayer games.

These first two are relatively simple. You can give likes to players after a multiplayer race ends. Since Infinite Races don’t end, you can’t give or receive likes in this mode. You’ll have to play standard Races or Dropout Races to progress these first two achievements.

  • The Fast & The Furious – Finish first in a multiplayer classic race with at least 2 other players.
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious – Finish first in 10 multiplayer classic races with at least 2 other players.
  • Last Man Flying – Finish first in a multiplayer dropout race with at least 2 other players.

These achievements might be hard depending on how active the playerbase is. It seems that historically there has been a peak in player activity around March, April and May as people want to practice for IRL drone flying. So if you can’t find any people to play with during other times in the year, check back during these months!

If working on these achievements solo, improve your chances of winning by customizing your own drone so it is fast and you are comfortable flying it.

In multiplayer most people usually run Infinite Race lobbies, this gamemode won’t work for obtaining the race achievements. You will have to win 10 classic Races and 1 Dropout Race.

I would advise hosting your own lobbies and turning off God mode (this turns propellor damage on and makes it harder to fly with damage). This sets your lobby apart from other lobbies, making it more likely for people to join yours. An added bonus is that even if you are not the fastest racer, you might just win because someone else destroys their propellors because they were pushing their drone too hard. All you have to do in this case is finish the race!

In my experience the Liftoff community has been pretty friendly. Have some fun in your lobbies, you’ll probably be able to meet some friends if you want to.


  • Practice Rounds – Finish first in a race against bots.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Finish first in 10 races against bots.
  • Infinity Loop – Complete 10 consecutive laps in a Infinite Race session.
  • Track Builder – Create a custom track.
  • Rapid Sightseeing – Finish a race in every environment available in Liftoff.
  • Tinkerer – Create a custom drone setup from scratch.
  • Sharing is Caring – Share a Track, Race or Drone setup on the Steam Workshop.
  • Bando Dive – Dive through the tallest elevator shaft in the Bando City environment. Perform the dive in 5 seconds or less.
  • Duga Dive – Dive through the climbing stairs of one of the side towers in the Woodpecker environment. Perform the dive in 5 seconds or less.

These sound harder than they really are. Manouver your way to the right locations and simply drop your drone down the shafts. I just turned off my props and let my drone freefall and this seemed to work just fine, no need to power dive through!

The Duga one is kind of tricky since it is quite a narrow shaft, it might take some time to get the right approach. I just kind of nudged my drone down the shaft, be careful to not give too much horizontal speed.

  • Freestyle Novice – Score at least 10.000 points in a single Freestyle session.
  • Freestyle Pro – Score at least 50.000 points in a single Freestyle session.
  • Freestyle Master – Score at least 100.000 points in a single Freestyle session.


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