LIMBO – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to get all the achievements in LIMBO easily.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Wrong Way

  • At the very beginning of the game when you wake up go left.

Altitude is Attitude

  • In chapter four, after dragging the box under the rope, climb to the highest tree branch and then run and jump off the left end of it, grabbing a second rope. Swing back and forth a couple times, then jump off the left of it and climb up the small branch.

It’s Stuck

  • In chapter nineteen, after letting your little worm friend burrow into your skull and beating the level, wait until the water stops rising and walk left to where the piece of pipe will still be floating around. walk to the very edge of the platform and then grab the pipe and drag it all to way to the right. Push the pipe off the right edge of the platform and jump onto it. Then run and jump off the left side of it, grabbing a rope you could barely see before. The rope tugs on a pipe, which drops an egg out onto the pipe.

Urban Exploration

  • In chapter twenty four drag the box on the left to the lifting platform. Make sure you have the lift down. Turn the lift on, lifting the box up. Once at the top push the box onto the platform to the right and send the lift back down. Once it’s all the way down turn the lift on again and quickly climb onto the box, then jump onto the top of the lift and wait. Once the lift is high enough, run and jump off the left end grabbing a rope, tugging on a pipe… Again. a juicy egg will fall out of the pipe.

Alone in the Dark

  • In chapter twenty six climb back down the ladder and head right into the darkness. Keep going until you find the egg.

Climbing the cog

  • In chapter twenty seven after completing most of the level and getting to the lever, don’t pull it.
  • Instead, run and jump off the right edge of the platform, and Climb the Cog. the egg will be on the other side.


  • In chapter thirty after getting rid of your brain worm stay on the conveyor belt and push a box forward until it’s lined up so you can jump off the left end of it and grab the edge of the crusher when it’s down. Then, wait for the crusher to hit the ceiling and then climb up over the edge and run to the left end. Then as it’s coming back up again jump off and grab the ladder. Climb up and collect the egg.

Guided by Sparks

  • In chapter thirty two after pulling the lever and heading right. Go over to the crate and push it against the sparking wall. Climb on top of the crate and jump off the left end. Climb up the ledge Then jump right, climbing up that ledge too. step on the egg.

Under ground

  • In chapter thirty four make sure the elevator is up, and then climb down to the ledge right under it. From there, jump off the ledge to the right and grab the chain hanging from the bottom of the elevator. Climb all the way down to the egg at the bottom.

Going Up

  • In chapter thirty eight jump and hit the gravity switch, then head left to the edge of the platform and fall higher up into a pocket with a pull-able platform. pull it out, and egg will fall out of it.

Where Credit is Due

  • Beat the game.


  • This can only be completed after you have gotten all the other eggs. Back in chapter twenty six head down the ladder again and go back into the darkness. Go back to where you found the first egg there, the wall on the right will be gone if you’ve collected all other eggs. head into the darkness past the wall and complete the whole secret level in there. It’s almost all dark in there so i suggest turning up the volume so you can hear the audio cues better. Once all that is done, you will get the DING! achievement.

No Point in Dying

  • There’s no easy way to get this achievement, because to do it you have to beat the game in one sitting with five of less deaths. Yeah. my advice is before attempting this, play through the full game one to have the levels and puzzles still fresh in your mind.
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