Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Easy Build to Win with All Characters

This is the build that helped me mainly get through the hectic battles and hopefully these will help you too.

Build to Win with Any Chars

Immortal Items

These are the items that will basically make you immortal from all the non-boss enemies so try to rush these if you get them:


Scarecrow will help you by letting you tank the damage from those pesky speedy enemies that just go straight for your keep.

Bosses will game end you still even with this item on so make sure to focus them when they show up!


Bloodlust will help you regain those lost points of health that you tanked from those speedy enemies by letting you attack the enemies that are focusing you and practically letting you be the Immortal Protector!

Iron Armour

You take less damage from enemies that attack you and therefore you are able to out heal their damage and lets you face tank boss enemies as well, so all in all less damage = less worry.

Best Ascended Ability (In My Opinion)

This ability is automatically on Jing and can be dropped from a chest once unlocked near the bottom of the upgrades menu for all the other characters:

Trample and Clear Sky

  • With this ability you can easily dash around and leave an amazing little trail of fire that is perfect in dealing with enemies.
  • With the ascended version of this ability, you can easily just run up and down the map and make a constant wall of fire as long as you keep running up and down and the enemies will just walk right into it until they die.
  • If a boss shows up, just walk around him or in a straight line in front of them and watch as they are defeated easily, you can then continue to walk up and down the map leaving a wall of fire again for the non-boss enemies.
  • If you have the magical boots then you can speed everywhere and leave a long trail of fire. Become the trail blazer you are meant to be!

Late Game Items

These items are good for when you start to get near the ending of the run where there are tons of tanky enemies:

Death Punch

As the battle continues the enemies will get stronger and a bit more tanky (not as tanky as you though) so this item will help in dealing more damage to them as you lose a bit of health but you will easily regain that health from the bloodlust item

Obsidian Pendant

This is good to help keep as much enemies close together as possible and also aid in bringing in the speedy away from you keep along with all those enemies.

Magical Boots

You may be immortal, but you don’t wanna be slow now do ya? so get this magical drip!

Support Buildings

These items will support you in areas of the map where they are placed and can let you easily win on the more enemy infested maps:


  • This item lets you place it down anywhere and whenever an enemy walks into its range, that enemy will then walk away from the battle and disappear.
  • This is perfect if you are lazy to focus on a certain part of the map and it will take care of itself from there (I usually place these on either the bottom or top of the map).
  • Bosses may or will ignore this and walk past it, so be cautious if they show up in the area where you place this.


It is always nice to have a turret to deal with any stray enemies that pass by whenever you slip up anywhere.

Laser Tower

This will also help in clearing those big clumps of enemies that the Obsidian Pendant brings together.
It’s literally a laser!

Honorable Items

If you have open slots these items will be a great addition to make your run easier:

Golden Hammer

  • This item will let you stun enemies and bosses with your attacks.
  • The more you get, the better chances of stunning the enemies.
  • With the trample and clear sky ability, your fire walls will be able to stun enemies that walk into it.
  • Bonk.

Blade Shield

  • This item will help by giving you tons of DPS if you become surrounded by enemies.
  • This is a perfect item to combo with death punch (low on health = more damage), bloodlust (attacks heal you), and iron armour (less damage taken).

Mallet of Prosperity

  • Makes your attacks slightly bigger (Obsidian Pendant, Blade Shield, Trample?, and Clear sky?).
  • “I’m gettin’ me mallet!”


This will let your flame trail last longer on the map.

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  1. Don’t forget that surrendering is an option to end endless mode or any game. It was a nice read

  2. (Con’t from below)
    – Obsidian Pendant/Magnet works amazingly well with poisonous Spring. Set it in middle and draw mobs into it as your main killing field. Gunpowder has excellent synergy here as well. (I prefer spring over Saw because it covers a larger area, which is better against runners).
    – Soul of Sparta increases construct AoE, Heart of Petain increase their attack speed.
    – Pomodoro reduces weapon CD, Honey makes Effect Duration up, Mallet for weapon AoE (Good for Obsidian Pendant and Crystal Phoneix’s Soul).
    That still leave some room to customize things to your play style.

  3. As always, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Here is how I do them for the Capital Map:
    – Laser tower is a little less effective here than the other 2 maps. Crystal Phoneix’s Soul is a godsend.
    – Capital’s difficulty lies in it being tall and narrow, so easy for knights and ninjas to zerg thru. Repair shop can negate it if you don’t let too many thru.
    – We can shorten the height of the field with construct. Graveyard + either Turret or 7 branch sword on one side, and Propaganda on the other end will help.
    (Con’t on next)

  4. Taking Scarecrow requires Bloodlust to stay alive, that’s 2 equipment slots that can be replaced by 1 Repair Shop. When you have picked up some upgrades, you don’t really need any defensive items like Bloodlust or Iron Armor for normal runs.

    The 3 slots can be swapped in for equipment that either buff you or your construct to kill more faster, which allow you to make use Pheromone to increase enemy spawns + increase your gold farming efficiency.

    • Very interesting, I will try it out on my next few runs in the capital since I use this build here to help me through that map to get the achievement

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