Little Witch in the Woods – Definitive Quests Guide

A short guide to in-game quests (Does not include daily quests).

Ultimate Guide to All Quests

Red (Main) Quest

The Truth Remains One

  • Go to the bartender (when choosing a conversation, take 2 dialogue options with a shoe (in the sense of clicking right once and you will see a shoe))
  • Go to Roy the dog/wolf and do the same.
  • Go back to the place.

Reward: None

A Shining Tree

  • Get off the train and go up the cliff.
  • Go left and destroy the big ball to keep going up.
  • Keep going up to the mountains and then to the tree (you can check the location on the maps).

Reward: None

In search for a Curious Creature

  • Come down and draw a butterfly.
  • Follow the cat to the witch’s house.
  • Take the chalk and unlock the passage.
  • Knock on, go in and go to sleep.

Reward: None

To Places Area

  • Go on the train.
  • Come down and get the letter.
  • Go to the road sign in the Forest.
  • Try to pick up the honey pumpkins.
  • Go to the witch’s hut and clean it up.

Reward: None

Removing Pesky Pumpking

  • Make that potion
  • Click “A” then hold “Z” and throw “C” at the pumpkins

Reward: None

Reparing to Crafting Tools

  • Make candies (picture below) And after cleaning the pumpkins, go to the vine
  • Give the Aurea candy
  • Come home and put the bottle back in the machine

Reward: None

A way to Get Rid of the Giant Pickly Vines

  • You need a potion
  • Go to the mountains towards the lake where the pumpkins are
  • Collect one Maple Herb along the way
  • Go to the fox in the spider web
  • Go to the mountains with him
  • Oh no! The fox did something in his leg, take him to the witch’s house
  • Make a potion and give it to the fox
  • Return to the place where the spider’s web was and take the bomb

Reward: None

The Truth Behind the Giant Prickly Vines

  • Take the vine branch and go to Aurea
  • Come back home and click on the bookshelf (Upper floor)

Reward: None

Remove the Gignat Prickly Vines

  • Create potions
  • Collect two flowers and make a potion

Reward: None

Begin Apprenticenship

  • After talking with the fox, go to Enite (he is above the fox)
  • Go to sleep and come back to Enite the next day

Reward: None

Investaigate the Prickly Vines at the Carperter’s House

  • Go to the ruins of Kyla’s house
  • Chat with Rubrum, Enite and Arden
  • Go back to the witch’s house and check the bookshelf
  • Return to the ruins of Kyla’s house

Reward: None

Concoct the Moon’s… Blah Blah Potion

  • Come to Diana with the note
  • Buy Diana’s recipe for the potion and make and drink it (Keep a note with you)
  • Go to Diana, ask for water and make a potion

Reward: None

Find the Prickley Vine Core

  • Make a potion (you need to buy a recipe, remember each one you don’t have, you need to buy from Diana for 10 coins)

You need two:

You need one:

You need one:

  • Go to the mountains and examine the rotten plants, go to Rubrum
  • Return to the plant and throw the potion at it
  • Walk across the lake down into a dense forest
  • Use a noise potion and scare the bird away
  • Come into the grove and go to the center of the map to the gate, examine it and take the blue chalk
  • With the blue circle, you go to the place where there was a cobweb with a fox
  • After entering, you must solve puzzles using the remaining potions
  • Take the red chalk and toggle the levers
  • Go back to the gate (check it), go in the middle, use the hoop and then the potions on the core

Reward: None

Send a Letter to Kyla

  • Confect with Enite
  • Go to Aurea

Reward: None

A Flying Carpenter

  • The next day, after sending the letter, go to the village
  • Confect with Kyla
  • Also chat the next day with Kyla (while he is building a house)
  • Wait till she builds a house (Next day)

Reward: None

Restoring the Village

  • Go to Enite, then to Kyla
  • Get things up
  • Go to Aurea for a scroll that you have to buy back for 500 gold coins (you buy it in the shop, same as recipes at Diana)
  • Ask people about Roy: Aurea, Arden, Enite
  • Take everything to Kyla (you give it back by asking for Roy)

Reward: None

A Stange Dream

  • Ask Diane
  • Buy the recipe from Diana and make a potion, then drink it
  • In a dream, go upstairs and talk to the cat

Reward: None

Reparing tho Fountain

  • Go to Kyla
  • Collect 10 wood, 10 stone, 10 mud and go back to Kyla
  • Talk to Diana
  • Buy a recipe and make a mixture
  • Take the potion to Enite

Reward: None

Blue (Side) Quest

Drawing with your Quill

  • Complete encyclopedias with 3 new pieces of information

Reward: None

Repairing you Broom

  • Add a branch to the broom using the desk in the lower floor of the witch’s house

Reward: None

Uprading Work Tool

  • Talk to Diana, buy the machine for 70 coins, 12 branches, 6 stone and 6 mud

Reward: None

Arden’s Ingredient Bag

  • Talk to Arden
  • Find and take the bag to him

Reward: 3 Beef Bread + 1 For conversation

Reparing the Streetlamp

  • Go to the burned box
  • Go to Enite, then to Arden
  • Talk to Arden, Enita, Rubrum
  • Make the potion and take it to Enity (you need to bring it in the evening)

Reward: None

Finding Kyla’s Shovel

  • You go to Kyla (while he builds his house)
  • You’re going to Rubrum
  • Go get the shovel and take it to Kyla

Reward: None

Purple (Villager) Quest

Everything has a Story

  • Go to Arden (usually new quests unlock after one day)
  • Go to the Lake (At the top of the map)
  • Go to Rubrum
  • Go to the tea tree to get the lamp and bring it back to Arden

Reward: 3 Beef Bread

Who cursed the dragon?

  • Go to Arden (usually new quests unlock after one day)
  • Go to Aurea
  • Go to Diana and buy a recipe
  • Make candy
  • Make more candies and take them back to Arden

Reward: None

Remember Me not, Dear Dragon

  • Go to Arden (usually new quests unlock after one day)
  • Check things out before the Arden restaurant
  • Ask Kyle, Enite, Rubrum
  • Ask Aurea
  • Ask Arden and go to the deep forest for it
  • Come back to Arden

Reward: 3 Beed Bread


Useful Info

Time does not count down in such events, then you can collect materials without worrying about time:

  • First night, when you get off the train and go to the mountains.
  • First day, when you go to the train from the cottage.
  • When you save Rubrum and give him a candy (either before the bombs or after the bombs when looking for a recipe for a potion).
  • Till you clean the witch’s house.

Items with a heart icon restore your stamina. You can get the cake for free when you chat with Enite.

If you answer Kent’s questions correctly, you’ll get an extra candy.


  • Yes
  • Wisteria
  • 4 people

Items such as a broom or a butterfly net must first be used from your inventory to be added as a tool, as well as recipes.

Witch Chalk

You don’t need to buy chalk from Diana to recreate all the gates currently available in the game. Just collect these three.

14 Ritoring’s Gift

Location of all items found so far by me.

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