Poppy Playtime – How to Easily Fix Graphical Issues for Any Chapter

Red tv screens? Grey buttons instead of red ones? Lighting that just makes everything 2 feet away from you extremely brighter?

Then this guide is for you. Let me guess you messed with some of the graphics settings, and you just now realize that it broke everything else in the process and despite adjusting every slider, toggling every feature and clicking on every single button the graphics still look broken? Well there is one simple fix for that.

How to Fix

Step one: delete config files

This I have found has fixed some of the issues I had with the game, though keep in mind this is not a fix for graphical bugs, but a easy way to reset everything if nothing else works. It may not work in every situation, especially if you have a low end that doesn’t met the min requirements, but should work if you ever find yourself stuck with a broken graphics menu that seems to do nothing despite setting everything to low or high.

Go to the folder locations on your pc for the chapter you are having issues with:

  • Ch1- C:\Users(yourname)\AppData\Local\Poppy_Playtime\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Ch2- C:\Users(yourname)\AppData\Local\Playtime_Prototype4\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

This is how it should look, if you don’t see a appdata folder in your username folder click view and make sure the hidden items toggle is enabled like in this this screenshot below:

Now simply delete all of the INI files, don’t worry the game remakes them when you boot up the game. This should fix some issues with the graphics, for both chapters but not completely.

If the game still has red screens, and broken bloom effects, make sure to go edit the gameusersettings.ini and add this to line: sg.EffectsQuality=4 under [scalability groups]. Thats it, hope this help some of you.

Please Note: Adjusting some settings ingame again after doing this may result in the games graphics breaking again, if so simply repeat this guide and adjust settings in the ini file only!

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