Locked In Mind – Gentle Hint Guide for Level 2 “The Medical Room”

This is a guide to help you solve the puzzles of the second chamber of Locked In Mind (rather than using the built-in system to give you answers).

The Medical Room Guide

Preamble and Step Guide

Hello, welcome to my guide for the second level of Locked In Mind, which I call “the medical room” because it is a room, and it has medical things in it.

While the game does have the built-in “press H for hint” system, it just gives you the answer to the next puzzle, often, so I’m writing this to give you gentler hints on what to do next.

The order you solve the puzzles seems to be pretty fixed this time around so I will list them below.

In general, I’m not going to tell you to pick up the various objects until they’re needed – fortunately this level has two sizeable tables to gather them until needed.

Also, the heavy reliance on combination locks means it’s quite possible to solve a puzzle out of order, so apologies in advance if you get these in a different order.

  1. A) A key in the open and B) Finding the cards
  2. Weights and balances
  3. An Odd Book
  4. Reaching Out
  5. A Traveller’s Case
  6. Putting the Puzzle Together
  7. The Chunky Key

1st Puzzle A

Description: This is the very first “puzzle” with no other puzzles to solve first…

There is a lot to take in when you start – sharp eyes should find what you need to do, but it is a bit dark.

  • There are a lot of things to pick up, but only one has an immediate use
  • There are also some things you can pick up hidden amongst things you can’t pick up
  • Those steel racks under the window have a lot of things you can’t pick up…
  • On the left…

Solution: There is a steel key on the top left steel shelf under the window between the steel forceps and steel tweezers – click it to pick it up

Where to go next?

  • Sometimes a key is just a key.
  • There are only 4 padlocks in this room.

Solution: There is a locked chest on the middle shelf of the left rack on the wall with the desk – use the key to open it and get the “E Weight” inside.

1st Puzzle B

Description: There are a number of playing cards in the first room where you start.

  • Look around the room and see how many cards you can find.
  • There are four in total.
  • Two are on the desk – Ace of Hearts and 6 of Diamonds.
  • One is left of the lockbox with the red lock on the left of the exit door – 8 of Spades.
  • One is on the left of the lockbox on the shelf between the windows – Queen of Spades.
  • So you have four cards – what else in this room takes four values?
  • That red lock on the lockbox left of the exit door has four wheels.
  • The top two has letters, the bottom two has numbers…

Solution: Top to bottom, enter A-Q-6-8

Where to go next?

  • The weight is used in a puzzle with other weights – and you don’t actually need it.
  • You’re not going to use that cube for a while, so put it somewhere obvious like the table, so you don’t forget about it.
  • That’s it – this puzzle is a dead end for a while. Look for the main puzzle chain

2nd Puzzle

Description: You’ve opened a chest and found something inside

What to figure out:

  • So you’ve found a weight with a prominent “E” on it… can you find more?
  • There are four weights around you, including the “E” weight
  • Under the left window is a wide steel shelf with a balance on top
  • To the left of the scale are three more weights
  • Now you have a “E” weight along with a “B”, “1” and a “5”. Also a balance.
  • What can the balance tell you?
    • You can mix-and-match letters and numbers
    • “E” weighs more than “5”…
    • “E” weighs more than “5” and “1”…
    • “E” weighs the same as “5” and “B”
    • So, E > 6 and B > 1
  • Where to use it:
    • Look around, do you see 1, 5, B, E used somewhere?
    • Or maybe a few of them?
    • There could be something else in there…
    • How about that book on the table with the combo lock?
    • What could 3BE mean? There are three wheels on the lock…

Solution: The 3 is a gimme, if B is greater than one, you can try two, and if E is greater than 6 you can try seven – and there it is – 327.

Where to go next?

A bar code? Not very helpful, but maybe something else has a bar code?

3rd Puzzle

Description: You’ve opened a book…

  • So you’ve got one bar code, maybe look for another?
  • There’s still a lot of objects in the room, but what kind has a barcode?
  • Commercial goods have barcodes
  • Have you looked under the left window?
  • Those vitamins are a commercial good, why not give them a spin
  • No, literally. Rotate the box to reveal the barcode
  • Didn’t the book say something else?

Solution: The code is the “last three” digits of the barcode – 415

Where to go next?

  • You’ve got a three-digit code – look for a three-digit combo lock
  • The door without the exit sign has a combo lock

4th Puzzle

Description: You’ve found something new to explore.

  • There’s a lot to look at, and do, in this room, so have a look around
  • Two combo locks, but not hints… a Rubik’s Cube, but you can’t complete it yet…
  • That phone seems to work, but what to dial?
  • You’ve actually had access to the answer the whole time
  • Check the first room again

Solution: In the first room is a wheelchair – if you click on it, you’ll get a rather hard-to-see scrap of paper with a number on it – 06132547 – dial that into the phone.

Where to go next?

The poem forms a riddle, where would the answer apply?

5th Puzzle

Description: You’ve received a riddle

  • The riddle is a bit misleading and some of the clues are objectively false.
  • You’ve got a riddle – riddles are answered with words…
  • Rubik’s Cubes don’t take words and the strongbox on the bookshelf uses numbers
  • Have you checked the loveseat?
  • There’s a traveller’s case under the loveseat, and it’s got a 4-letter combo lock
  • So now it’s time to find a 4-letter answer to the riddle
  • It’s something that reflects light
  • It’s something easier to see at night
  • You can’t see it in this level, you might be able to in real life
  • Despite the clue, it’s constantly moving, it’s only “in the same place” poetically
  • Starts with “M”

Solution: The answer to the riddle is “moon”

Where to go next?

There’s a small cube in the case; where might it belong?

6th Puzzle

Description: You’ve earn part of a puzzle.

  • So you’ve found a small cube with coloured sides in the traveller’s case – where could it go?
  • There’s a Rubik’s Cube under the window in the second room
  • You can attach your cube, but that’s not enough; can you find more pieces?
  • There is a second cube in the first room, on the middle right of the wooden shelf on the wall with the desk
  • The third cube is a reward from an earlier puzzle
  • Did you solve the puzzle with the cards?
  • The third cube is in the lockbox with the red lock to the left of the exit door (Puzzle 1B)

Solution: Use the three small cubes on the broken Rubik’s Cube under the window in the second room. It doesn’t actually matter where you put them, but if you’re careful you can “solve” the cube

Where to go next?

You’ve got a key and there are only 3 padlocks left, all in the first room…

7th Puzzle

Description: You’ve got a key with a chunky handle.

  • Keys are for locks, see if one works
  • The key is for the lockbox on the shelf in the first room between the two windows
  • …and another key. Only two padlocks left…
  • And the winner is the locker by the door to the second room
  • So there’s a scrap of paper with a black pentagon, black triangle, green circle and a red circle
  • What’s left that takes four values?
  • There’s a lockbox with a 4-digit combo lock on the bookshelf in the second room
  • How are you going to get four numbers from those shapes?
  • You’ve got different shapes and different colours…
  • Do you see a chart with colours somewhere?
  • On the shelf between the windows in the first room, there is a white chart with some numbers on it
  • There’s a green five and a red seven, but nothing in black…
  • Is something different between the black symbols and the not-black ones?
  • The coloured ones are circles but he black ones?
  • The black ones have a number of sides

Solution: A pentagon has five sides, a triangle has three, green has the value of five and red has three, so the code is 5357. There’s a hard-to-see key in the box.

Where to go next?

You’ve got a key and there is only one padlock left…

Use the key on the door marked exit and finish the level.

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