Warframe – Duviri Fragment Locations

Want to hunt for those perky Duviri Fragments but don’t want to put in the same stupid amount of effort some of us did to find them all? Look no further than this guide for a map and screenshots for these bad boys.


Hi, just wanted to warn you about potential spoilers. If you want to find the fragments yourself, I suggest closing this guide. This guide will contain every location, marked on a map, along with screenshots. I will not be spoiling the lore provided by these fragments, you can go find a video for that or find them yourself.

The fragments in this guide all have a tag. The format is the letter of the fragment group followed by the number. As an example, in the right image, I found fragment A8, while A2 and A6 are still missing. For easier reference, here’s how they’re grouped:

  • A – Scholar’s Landing
  • B – We Are Not What We Were
  • C – Watcher’s Island
  • D – Lake Verula
  • E – The Galleria
  • F – The Doll Mausoleum
  • G – The Caves Of Academe
  • H – Manipura Island
  • I – The Island Of Lorn
  • J – The Bleeding Earth

If you know what you’re missing, just Ctrl+F the letter and number of what you’re looking for. To see what fragments you’re missing, check your Codex in your ship, found near Navigation. The guide sections are also labeled accordingly and on the map as well so you don’t have to scroll back up here to find the list.

Some of the screenshots might have a weird angle to them, I was trying to find the best angle to make the minimap visible. Hopefully, they’ll still have enough environmental details to help you out. I’ll try to supplement every entry with a description of how best to find it. The screenshots will be BELOW the description of it.

So why look for them at all? Fragments give you 5 Intrinsics a pop. There are 90 fragments to collect, totaling 450 Intrinsics. Not enough to max out a skill, but a very sizeable chunk of free points. On top of that, they provide lore in the Codex. Every three pieces of a fragment unlock a pretty little page with a voice that reads it to you.

When looking for them, listen for a slight ringing sound, similar to how caches give themselves away. If you don’t know what caches are, you’ll learn. Just listen for a sound. If you find one, you’ll know what it is.

Full Fragment Map

Here’s a map containing all the fragments. They’re randomly color-coded just to make them easier to see on the map but also stand out from one another. It’s spliced using zoomed-in screenshots of the actual in-game map of Duviri before I unlocked fast travel. It’s a little ugly, but it’ll do for now:

A – Scholar’s Landing

Scholar’s Landing fragments are found on the island located near the southern middle of the map. It has locations such as The Agora and the Watershed Hamlet on it, as well as a massive webbed ring near the south. The eastern part of the island has SCHOLAR’S LANDING fragments, while the west has THE ISLAND OF LORN fragments.


This one is found near the south of the island, on the giant webbed ring. It’s on the innermost ring, closer to the island.


This one is found near the north of the island, by a bend in the blue road. There’s a small cave entrance on the inside of the bend. Look for a dark spot on your map in that location. Head underground, and it’s difficult to miss. The first screenshot shows the location of the entrance, the second one shows the fragment itself.


A3 can be found close to A1, by the large webbed ring on the southernmost part of the island. There’s a small cave here.


Like the one before, this one can also be found in a cave at the marked location on the map. It’s on a spike above the pink tree, so it’s tough to hear from the ground below.


Found east on the island, it’s on the tip of a broken ring.


Can be found to the right of the webbed ring that’s located in the south. There’s a large bush next to some rocks that obscures a small cave entrance. The fragment is inside the cave. The first screenshot is the entrance, and the second one is the fragment.


Located at the very top of the building at The Agora.


Found on a small ring jutting out of the ground.


This one’s just southeast of A8. There’s a webbed ring in the ground here. Jump down, and you’ll find it on the tip of a broken spiral.

B – We Are Not What We Were

These fragments are all located on the island of the King’s Palace and Castle Town. It’s located in the far southwest of the map and thankfully isn’t a massive area, but finding these fragments is still far from simple.


This fragment is found on a balcony right above the steps leading into the palace. It’s only juuuust barely audible from the steps below.


This one is off on the broken ring in the south, around halfway to the broken point.


Located inside the cave marked B3 on the map, in the corner, hidden by the ring/broken ring in the screenshot. The first screenshot shows the cave entrance, second shows the fragment.


This one is on top of a building, hidden away in the golden oval decoration on top of it.


This one’s a bit hard to spot, it’s inside the tiny opening in the tower standing at this location. Your Kaithe won’t fit inside, but it can stand safely right outside the opening so you can dismount.


Found on the whole webbed ring to the north, on the furthermost portion from the island.


This one is hidden inside the wall decor of the building. You won’t hear it from the ground. I found that the safest way to reach this is by landing my Kaithe on top of it, then inching my Drifter closer to the edge so when they fell, I immediately moved them so they landed on the inside of the decoration.


This is on one of the tall spires that’s behind the palace. When looking at the palace from the back, it’s the spire on the left.


This one is found on top of a broken ring that’s coming out from the rock wall. It’s hard to get to and requires an accurate landing with your Kaithe to get on top of there. Then you just crouch to get closer to it.

C – Watcher’s Island

These fragments can be found on the large island in the southeast of the map. The top half of it has THE GALLERIA fragments, while the bottom has WATCHER’S ISLAND fragments.


This one’s sitting on top of the building just north of the massive webbed ring.


C2 sits half-buried in the arch in the southeast part of the island. Go up its right side, and you’ll hear it along the outer edge.


Out on the broken webbing hanging off the edge of the island.


On the webbing of the massive webbed ring.


Inside the cave, behind the drummer statue. The first screenshot shows the entrance and drummer statue, second shows the fragment location.


C6 is found inside the cave. As you’re going through the cave, if you enter from the marked location just stick to the right wall and you’ll see a tunnel leading into this room. I don’t think it shows up on the map until you enter it, although I’m not sure. At the end of the room, there will be a small structure with an arch, and the fragment is found behind the arch. You can walk up one of the cave rings to get to it. The first screenshot shows the cave entrance, second shows the fragment.


This one is found on a small broken ring NEXT TO the big broken webbed one. In the screenshot, the top left bit is the corner of one of the big ends. You can head up the big broken ring’s right piece, and just jump down to this. Or just ride Kaithe up there.


This one is found on the roof of a house that is found underground. As you can see, the marker is close to the edge- just jump over and ride Kaithe down there. Look for the oval decoration and head behind it.


This mad lad is chilling on the southeasternmost tip of the island, behind a rock. Just head to the edge and you’ll find it.

D – Lake Verula

These fragments are found on the large island dominating much of the north of the map, with locations like the Thrax Gardens and Lunaro Court on it. The top area where there is a lot of running water has primarily LAKE VERULA fragments, while the bottom part has THE DOLL MAUSOLEUM fragments.


This one is found on the eastern tip of the many overlapping pools of this part of the island. There’s a spike coming out of the end here like a scorpion’s tail, the fragment is on the spike, next to the wall.


This fragment is sunbathing on the roof of the Lunaro Court.


It’s easier to see this if you’re flying on Kaithe near the edge of the island. There’s a ledge that descends below another one, and on this lower ledge sits the fragment.


This fragment is sitting on the rocks that make up the cave entrance (which coincidentally leads to D5).


This fragment is sitting in a completely dark area on top of the rings, use the minimap int eh screenshot for reference- it doesn’t even look to be on the map itself. The first screenshot shows the cave entrance, the same one D4 is on, and the second screenshot shows the fragment location.


This fragment rests on one of the pillars holding the circle above the statue of Dominus Thrax in the Thrax Gardens. It’s on his right side. If you can’t land on the ring with your Kaithe, try to just inch it up the pillar while facing the statue.


This one is in the northernmost part of the island, on one of the rings going around the path.


This one is to the west of Thrax Gardens, on the outside edge of a ring.


This fragment sits on top of a windmill turbine… Do these windmills even have turbines? Are they even windmills or some weird windmill-looking Duviri butter churners or something?

E – The Galleria

These fragments are found on the large island in the southeast. The top half here contains THE GALLERIA fragments, while the bottom contains WATCHER’S ISLAND fragments.


E1 is found inside the cave marked on the map. It’s just inside, on one of the rocks. First screenshot shows the cave entrance, and the second shows the fragment location.


This one is just sitting on the grass.


This one is found on the roof of the large tower.


This fragment is hidden in the corner of the house, on the outside. It’s really hard to see thanks to the bush.


This one sits on the green ring out of the bunch here.


This one is a bit tricky- the location marked on the map is under the island, not on top.In hindsight, should have marked it as such. Anyways what you do is you jump off the island on your Kaithe and fly under it, toward that location. You’ll see a house coming out of the ceiling, and a cave entrance near it. You want to land in front of the solitary house with the porch in front of it- if you’re in the cave then you need to go back outside. The first screenshot shows my Drifter standing on the porch. If you use the minimap to orient yourself, you’ll land there head-on. The second screenshot shows the fragment itself.


This one sits on the northeastern broken webbed ring, near the end.


This fragment is inside the tower. You’ll have to fly up there with Kaithe and maneuver yourself into the space under the roof.


This fragment sits on another broken ring to the east. It’s a little difficult to see and hear as it’s right along the edge. Could be easy to miss.

F – The Doll Mausoleum

These fragments can be found on the large island in the north with the many pools. The top half with water running through it is dominated by LAKE VERULA fragments, while the bottom part with the Citadel is dominated by THE DOLL MAUSOLEUM fragments.


This one sits on top of the tower that’s at the end of the Citadel rampart.


This one’s tucked between the house’s roof decor and the wall.


This fragment can be found at the top of the Citadel in the southwest.


Sunbathing on top of the Orion Tower to the east.


To the west of The Citadel, this fragment sits near the very edge of the island.


South of Northwind Village, there’s a webbed ring. The fragment sits atop the ring.


To the south of the Citadel, there’s a small port where there are a few Duviri folks next to a ship. Across from them, there’s a bunch of crates. The fragment is right next to the crates. It’s easier to spot from the north.


This one is incredibly sneaky. You’re looking for a bush that’s right next to the base of a ring, see screenshot one. It’s hiding a small cave that you have to crouch to enter. You can try crouching at every bush in the area, you’ll find it I’m sure. I think the fragment can be heard near it.


The final fragment in this group can be found in a cave, right next to the entrance. The entrance can be found by flying over the edge with your Kaithe, or by going into the big webbed hole to the east of the marker.

G – The Caves Of Academe

These fragments are only found on Archarbor. It is only accessible during Joy, Sorrow, and Envy Spirals, so you won’t be able to go there all the time. If it’s available, you’ll see it in the very northern middle of the map, just east of Thrax Gardens on the large northern island.

By the way, if you’re interested in how to solve the puzzle on this island


This fragment is on the ground, not the dome. It’s behind a tree next to the shopkeeper, which is the orange marker on the map.


Now this one actually is on the dome- on one of the golden decorations coming off the arch that rises from the dome.


I didn’t grab a screenshot of how to enter the cave but don’t worry. To the north part of the island, near the G3 marker, you’ll see a console you can interact with. Once you do so, the floor will open up behind it and you can enter the cave. So sorry, I only have a screenshot of the fragment’s location.


Looking at the massive Archarbor building from the southwest path, you’ll find this on a ring on the right side of the path.


On top of the roof covering the Dominus Thrax statue, in the southeast.


This one’s under the dome, not on top of it. It’s on top of the arched gate.


Found in the north, near a tree by the edge of the island.


This sits on an island near the main one, to the east.


This is near the southwest path and might be a bit difficult to see because of the foliage.

H – Manipura Island

These fragments are found on the circular island with farmland and a broken webbed ring. It’s located in the northwest part of the map.


This is sitting on a ledge below the broken ring.


This fragment is IP top of the arch, close to the highest point in the north.


If you run along the edge of the island, you’ll find it.


On top of one of the green-roofed Upperhaven buildings.


This is below the arch. There’s a piece of the island that extends out here, and it has many rocks on it. This fragment is hidden away near the very edge, behind everything.


On one os the silo-like buildings in the field just south of H1.


Found on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in Upperhaven.


This fragment can be a little difficult to see and hear, it’s at the end of a very steep cliff at the edge of the island. It might be easier to see it when flying around on your Kaithe?


This fragment sits atop the arch over the southern path.

I – The Island Of Lorn

Located on the large island sort of southern middle of the map, it’s designated by the massive webbed ring on its southern border. The east of this island is dominated by SCHOLAR’S LANDING fragments, while the west has THE ISLAND OF LORN fragments.


The marker labels the cave entrance for the fragment’s location. In case it’s difficult to see on the map, it’s directly to the left of the Moirai Crossing title. Sorry, no screenshot of the entrance.


This fragment can be found near the middle of the broken webbing that’s to the northeast of Moirai Crossing.


This fragment is inside a cave. You’ll know it’s the right one because there’s an upside-down statue in the middle of it. If you climb on top of it, you’ll find the fragment. The marker shows the cave entrance, but there are multiple in the area. The first screenshot shows the cave entrance, second shows the fragment location.


This one sits op top of a building in Watershed Hamlet.


It’s easiest to enter this one from below. Jump over the edge of the island on your Kaithe and fly to the marker. You’ll find a ledge with a lot of vines around it, and the fragment’s right there.


This one’s also in a cave. The marker marks the cave entrance, which is in the village.


There’s a waterfall going off the edge of the island near the Artisan Hamlet. If you fly around on Kaithe, you’ll spot it pretty easily. Looking at the waterfall, it’s on the left side.


This sits on a ledge near a little resting area. Really nice little spot.


This one sits on top of one of the rings going around the water here by the Watershed Hamlet.

J – The Bleeding Earth

These fragments can only be found on The Amphitheater, an island in the west middle of the map. It only appears during Joy, Fear, Anger, and Envy Spirals. If it’s available, you’ll find it just west of The Citadel on the nearby large island.

Apologies for the Amphitheater on my map looking a little blown up, I snagged it from an old screenshot. When I was making the map it wasn’t available and I didn’t want to wait for it to show up again.


Found on the small floating island in the southeast of the main Amphitheater island. It’s found at the base of one of the rings.


This one’s on top of the arch that’s on the floating island to the west of the main Amphitheater island.


This fragment is along the edge of the island, by a tree.


This one is found underneath the massive webbed ring, near the base.


Found on the massive arch standing over the path to the Amphitheater, in the east.


This one’s at the edge of the island, hidden behind a rock. You might have to crouch to reach it.


This fragment sits on the giant webbed ring in the north.


Looking at the Amphitheater building itself, scale the left side of it. It’ll be on the roof near the large and thin golden arch decor.


Looking at the Amphitheater building itself, go up the right side of it, but not too high up. This one is on a lower level than J8.

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  1. Do you have a recommended mode to select for finding the fragments? excluding the circuit of course.

    • You can do either of the modes that aren’t circuit, it doesn’t matter. You aren’t forced to do the story in either of them, you can just go and explore. When you’re done, get a decree and leave (the game lets you keep items up until your next decree, so if you gather materials for an hour and then leave without getting a decree I think it doesn’t save?).

  2. Oh my god thank you. There are at least 3 areas where I cannot find at least one and this is going to be a massive help, thank you.

  3. it seems i cant find the Marker for i1 on the map. Either im very blind or the map is missing this one
    otherwise a very fine guide!

    • In case it’s difficult to see on the map, it’s directly to the left of the Moirai Crossing title.

  4. I’m so confused about D3, theres no such ledge there and i even searched nearby that location you showed.

  5. Thanks for your work!
    Do you know what the last “Duviri Fragment” entry in the codex is for? Collected everything but it is still locked.

    • If you’re missing a fragment in the codex, then you don’t have them all. There are 10 fragments in total. My first guess is that you’re missing one of the locations that aren’t around all the time, such as the Archarbor and Amphitheater.

      • yes there are 90 individual fragments scattered around. Thanks for helping me finish the last 6 i could not find

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