Lootbox RPG – Beginners Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Sergio!

This guide will help you start game and grind money and better gear for first 10 lvl.

Guide for New Players

Newbie Guide for Ppl Who Start Game

First at all grind exp in maze.

First aid is the best helper for starters bcs food always have low money cost and better first aid = faster healing hp. But be careful, if enemy hit you, you will stop healing.It’s better to have at 2-3 lvl around 2 first aid.

To complete lvl you need kill all mobs and destroy everything.

When you get a better weapon, armor and lvl up add skill points into defence and first aid (1 sp of each).

P.S max 3-5 lvls of grind, be carefull bcs 4 lvl start have big skeleton dudes (sometimes one, sometimes you can see 3 of them T_T)

To get bonus exp you need to kill all enemies on lvl (lvl of dungeon = bonus exp, for example at 10 lvl you get bonus 100 exp when you kill all mobs).

Later you will open sense of trap and disarm trap.Disarm trap added into dungeon quest if you add there a points and you need to kill all mobs,destroy everything, and disarm all traps to get +5% to lvl completiton.Also disarm traps give us bonus exp.

To grind money and a better gear buy keys and open chests bcs there can be good items with affixes and potions,gold,and sometimes ingridients too.

Some items you can get inside rat lair chest like glovles,cape, range weapon (maybe it’s in maze too, but i’m meet this weapon in rat lair), better leather armor and etc.

P.S Sometimes craft items it’s a better option then try to get them from drop!

After you easily conquered around 5 lvl of maze and more you can go and grind a rat lair (better to buy portal scroll).

P.S also you can buy andidote potions or regen potions if you have more money

Dont grind rat lair until you conquered easily 5 lvl of maze bcs maggot worm very hurt hit you.

When you build become something like this (lvl 6,2 first aid,4 def,2 sense of trap and 4 disarm trap).

P.S. you can add disarm trap and sense of trap points (summarize 5-6 of them) into defence and melee if you don’t need a bonus exp for disarm traps!).

We can grind a 11 lvl of maze easily and around 10 lvl of rat lair under regen potion when we meet cobra.

When we grind around 8 rat skin we get great boost aka leather boots (+20 hp,def,stamina,+4 ac and one random option).Save before make item if you don’t have recipe bcs you can lose (???) precious skin.

We can grind rn a 15-19 lvl of maze easily ! and a 14 lvl of rat lair bcs 15 lvl is a rat king. (only problem give to us it’s a ghoul and ghost in the maze) but ghoul can killed easy if we have some regen hp,hp potion and antidote. For ghost we need a run sometimes when we have low hp and regen it (cauldron ability) but be carefull if enemy hit us when we regen, we can almost die.

My gear look like this.

To kill gravelord you need a scimitar from vampires or 2h sword bjorhander (4-8 dps, can be crafterd via 5 iron ignot) and your stats looks like this.

9 LVL 6 str, 7 melee, 8 def, 3 first aid.

Also you can change stat to like this before going to grave lord and grind dungeons a litte bcs you hit and hit a hurt.

At lvl 11 and with scimitar from vampires we can grind all 19 lvl of rat lair!

Some Monster Bestiary

Maze monsters

  • Lvl 4-5 – Big skeleton.
  • Lvl 8-9 Big snake skeleton.
  • Lvl 11-12 Ghost (almost unkillable) and big skeleton dog (can hurt, if can’t kill use a health regen potions).
  • Lvl 14 – Ghoul – mage mob who damage you very hurtful, it’s better to kill this mob first then others (use regen potion and magic protection to kill them bcs they can poison you).
  • Lvl 16 – Vampire (they drop good vampirism sword and crypt key).You can go in 15 lvl of maze dungeon without using portal floor scrolls if get a crypt key. To kill it you better use a regen potion around 5-6 with lvl 8.
  • Lvl 20 – Grave lord and vampires.

Rat lair monsters

  • 4-5 lvl Red worm (use poison who can kill you almost instat if you don’t have regen,hp, or antidote potions) Also run from you if have 5-10% of hp.
  • 7 lvl Cobra monster range damage around 5-6 square with poison arrow.
  • 10 lvl scorpion and rat king (damage very hurt and poison you like almost every 2-4 hit, also have good hp and armor).
  • 16 red bee.
  • 19 lvl Cave worm – even with 12 lvl and good gear he can kill us.
  • 20 lvl Boss and tunnel rat + tunnel worm (this dungeon is really hard even with good gear,also there is another special boss – brain boss.

Fairy forest

  • 1 lvl – Pixie.
  • 2 lvl – Fairy child.

Recipes for Starters

You can craft some good items in the start if open recipes (recipes can be found and added via book or open recipes manualy random crafting).

Iron ore combine into iron ignot give you some good iron ingot recipe, also if you combine rat leather you will open some good a leather armor recipes, combine wood open a wood club.

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