Sands of Salzaar – Illusive Storyline Quests (How to Finish)

Please note: All credit goes to ♡Alice Cousland♡ !

Due to translation problems in the game, and general bad design, a few main quests and EX quests do not explain well how you’re supposed to tackle them. I hope to be able to help you navigate any of the more confusing quests, as seem by the amount of people asking for help in the discussions forums.

Main Storyline

Into the Abyss

To complete this quest you must find all 5 faction leaders and convince thenm to sign a peace treaty. Usually the faction leaders don’t stray too far from their region and capital, so they’re not that hard to find. (Optionally, you may subjugate all leaders in the name of yours or another’s faction, taking away the need for a treaty )

  • Husnu – Nasir Clan Leader: Based on Redstone Keep at Redstone Valley After a really hard one-on-one fight, he will ask you to find a Blackblood Crystal. Ask a tavern maiden about it, and she will direct you to north of Northport at Twinluna Valley (an NPC near the entrance from crying rock gives you more specific directions). Everything afterwards is straight forward.
    • If you are playing as the shaman and you’ve completed your EX questline, make sure to have the crystal in your inventory and not equipped in order to fulfill the quest.
  • Rebiya – Dakn Clan Leader: based on Triptych Rock in Crying Rock Straight forward quest, just follow the tracker.
  • Bahat – Akhal Clan Leader: based on Camel Bell Bazaar in West Docana Desert If you have friendly relations with his faction he will ask you for a painting of the late monarch’s daughter. Afterwards just follow the tracker.
  • Ruha – Dhib Clan Leader: based on Frost Valley in Zagros Mountains You need to defeat a giant without getting hit (one hit kill) in order for the swordsman to follow you. Your best bet is ranged combat, as he has three attacks that are easily dodged.
  • Ludo Khan – Thur Clan Leader: Based on Fren at Umbra Cliffs In order to complete his quest Into the Abyss – Compromise you must go to Frost Valley in the Zagros Mountains. There you’ll find an NPC called beautiful woman asking you to protect a yak. Spiritmancers get a freebie, but other classes must choose the correct dialogue in order to keep it safe (TBR). Afterwards, she gives you the item needed. Just bring it back to the Khan, and he will sign the treaty.


You need to defeat 5 Ifrit Battalions in order to find the Void Master’s location. They spawn like normal enemy patrols on the map, prominently in the Ifrit Dominion area, although sometimes it takes a couple of ingame days. Ifrit faction commanders DO NOT count towards this number. You’ll find him in a dungeons northwest of Lava Fortress (not accessible before killing the 5 patrols).

EX Storylines


Most likely the first character you play and the best example of how confusing and unfinished this game is. You need to activate 3 triggers and complete then properly during the questline in order for Zeynep to survive. Failing to complete any of these will result in her death and block you from the good ending.

  • Amaranth Town: Approach the city for the event to trigger. Choose options “Walk towards the crowd”; “Go in yourself” or “Let Zaynep do what she wants” and then win the fight. Nassant is saved, and the first trigger is complete.
  • West Docana Desert: After entering the map do not enter Dunestorm. Wait for an event to trigger where you must “Press forward” in a desert storm and then fight a sandworm. Winning the fight gets you the second trigger, now you can continue to Dunestorm.
  • The True Nagukka: After Zaynep has a tantrum, go after her to the east of the map before confronting Zarathustra. After a few fights, a dialogue occurs, and you must “forgive Zeynep”.

If you have followed everything correctly and the game didn’t bug out, Nassant appears and saves Zaynep from death. After 15 days you can get her back in Nagukka’s tavern.

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  1. Anyone know what to do for the spirit witch quest for Ghodja? He just doesn’t move on my playthrough haha

  2. So I want to inform everyone it is possible to do the second two things after ignoring the town commotion with the wizard about to be crucified. I ignored the commotion in Amaranth Town and still got the other two prompts. I killed the Sandworm and I chose to forgive Zeynep. Yet she still dies. I did not get the achievement for finding the “Perfect Ending” to the Spiritmancer questline. This is why. Thank you for the informative mention. When I replay I will do this correctly.

    • Im struggling with my “kill on the mountain” mission, this is an ex quest. I cant find where is shujae at, pls help me

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