Lords of the Fallen – Assassin Key Tips

Now of course Assassins been called B to other other classes that are A or SS standard. Kind of true but not because we can dodge better with light armor and get more status hits in.

Tips for Assassin

Now of course the support for weapons and equipment hasn’t been great but hopefully more will come down the line. We are not bottom because we are still progressing through this game and plus who wants to be a tank in armor.

Top Tips

  1. Time your dodges so you get multiple hits in the enemy.
  2. With bosses make sure you have decent health and be cautious about hitting sometimes because they might just kill you when you are close.
  3. Enhance your weapons really good because daggers are your friends.
  4. Also use the right statues on the right enemy s and bosses.
  5. Always be sneaky (Well hopefully they have a more sneak mechanic in game then current one).
Written by fireking

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