Lords of the Fallen – Strongest Build to Finish the Game

Here is the strongest build to finish Lords of the Fallen, the Radiant Paladin.

Best Starting Class

Orian preacher is the best class to start with this build as it will give you already many points in radiance and a few points in strength that will serve to bring the main weapon of the build.

Main Weapon Pieta’s Sword

To start forming this build you have to get this sword.

That is the sword of the first boss of the game.

We can get this sword by buying it with 40 Umbral residues at the store of the npc that is located at the celestial bridge, the one that is only in the mode Umbral.

Wilmarc’s Catalyst

You can find this Catalyst in the swamp.

Going forward at the beginning of the swamp you will find a petrified woman, start hitting her until she breaks and she will give you this Catalyst.

Best Radiance Spells

These are the 3 basics to have.

For the 4 spell you can choose the one you prefer.

Personally I am very comfortable with this as it causes a lot of damage.

You can buy for 10 Umbral residues from the same NPC.


I use the Relic of Perpetuation to increase my maximum health.

And then a couple of rings to increase my stats.


This is a really very simple class but really very strong.

If you had difficulty in the first hours of the game once you got all things in a relatively short time about 10 hours of play, you will notice that with this set of things you will kill every boss with very few shots and you will be able to continue the story.

Written by Kizaru

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  1. Please DO NOT HIT the petrified chick in the Fen, she’ll die. Use healing spell on her, talk to her and rest and go get the loot next to her.

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