Lost Fleet – Drifting Guide

How to dodge flak as a fighter and fly fast as a Mule.

How to Drift

All credit goes to Mokug!


Drift mode is an invaluable tool for dodging flak as a fighter and for keeping that Mule at 3m/s for as long as possible.

I play on keyboard and mouse, so I’m constantly holding down the spacebar to drift.

As a fighter there’s not much a cap ship can do to hit you in the current state of the game if you hold down the drift key and strafe with Q/E or F/R while holding down W to keep in an orbit around your target.

The hardest part of these orbits for me is not getting caught on the map geometry or wreckage, but if you set your orbit up right, you can keep on looping around that titan, keeping it’s guns ineffectively on your freebie, while your bomber wing tears it to shreds.

The only thing to worry about here is cap ships coming from a different angle and taking an interest in you.

As a resourcer, drift mode keeps your retrojets from firing allowing you to maintain a 3m/s top speed on straightaways, just be sure to aim beside your target rock, and do an orbit around it so you’re pointed back at your resource drop-off by the time you’re full.

Whichever control scheme you wind up using, find the drift control and learn to love it!

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