Lost Judgment – Guide to Triple Stance Canceling (TS Technique)

Triple Stance Canceling, or TS, is a technique in Lost Judgment that adds a whole new layer to the game’s combat and juggle systems. TS can ignore enemy attacks, cut recovery from most of your moves, and lets vanilla’s best juggling style loop into itself– Triggering Lost Judgment’s Infinite Prevention System.

Triple Stance Canceling Guide


How do I do it?

  • Land an appropriate starter. This is usually a launcher like Tiger or Crane’s Double Finishing Blow.
  • Switch stances three times as fast as possible.
  • Continue the combo.


Triple Stance Cancels happen at 0:10, 0:12, 0:29, and 0:36.

Juggles and Cancels

If you’ve played Lost Judgment for a while, you’ve probably bumped into the juggle system.

Ground bounces and launches are consistent, but it’s not always intuitive how you can get the most from a juggle. Launchers leave a sizable gap in their strings that some enemies can exploit, and even if you land a clean hit, Yagami can’t act immediately.

From there, we can extend our combo by swapping to another style. A Stance Cancel. We’ve removed the recovery on our launcher and can follow up for a few extra hits. But a big issue with Lost Judgment’s Stance Canceling system is you’re often left juggling an enemy with a style poorly suited to it.

Enemies have no Air Recovery, but fall steadily throughout a juggle. Hits actually pause this process, so the more hits you can land, the longer they’ll float. The height of your strikes matters too.

Tiger has the fastest launcher out of an attack string, but a single Stance Cancel takes you into Snake: The slowest style in the game. Triple Stance Cancels solve this problem.

Triple Stance Cancel

With a TS, we can juggle an enemy from the same style we launched them with.

Triple Stance Cancels reset your attack strings and let Yagami act instantly. This makes them the game’s best combo extender. In the video below, TS allows me to loop Tiger’s Rush Combo for a lengthy juggle.

From a parry starter: Stance Cancel, Triple Stance Cancel, Extreme Heat Cancel

The rules for style switching in Lost Judgment are very lenient. When grounded, nearly every action can be interrupted with a Stance Cancel: Moves on hit or block, launchers and juggles, and perhaps strangest of all… Yagami’s reeling animation.


  • Triple Stance Cancels speed up Tiger Guard Breaks, which likely makes them better on bosses.
  • Snake’s Parry is easily the best starter in the game. You can seriously follow this up with anything.
  • There’s some sort of combo damage scaling in play, but I haven’t noticed much of a pattern. Stance Cancels (And therefore TS) might heavily impact juggle damage.
  • I haven’t tested anything here with Boxer enabled. I don’t recommend it.
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