Fallout Shelter – Legend of the Wastes Game Save

Make grinding a lot easier with the best Fallout Shelter save on the internet.


  • Complete 1 Quest to unlock 10, 30, 60 and 100 Quest Achievements
  • No Raiders or Deathclaws (they cant enter the vault)
  • Tons of Nuka Quantum and Lunch Boxes
  • Perfect Self-Sustaining Mini-Vault
  • Best Weapon and Armor


You’ve finished the bulk of the game and realized that grinding 100 quests doesn’t sound so appealing after all. Fret not for this save shall remedy that, I’ve suffered so you don’t have to.

I recommend playing Fallout Shelter normally to get a feel for the game and to get the easier achievements out of the way.

This save also works on Xbox PC Version.

Game Save Data

  1. Locate and Backup Your Save (Slot 1):


  1. Download achievement save.
  2. Paste the game save into your save directory at:


  1. You must put forth the effort of completing a single quest to unlock this achievement.

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