Love n War: Hero by Chance II – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here’s a few tips to make life easier, especially earlier on. Note, these tips work on hard mode as well, including all of the arena.

Tips and Tricks

General Tips

  1. Upgrading troops past level 3 makes them cost additional deployment points. Only do this if you have good gear for them. Only upgrade a unit to level 10 if it has special gear.
  2. Most useful crystals are damage increases. Stack those up on your gunners and mages.
  3. Second most useful crystals are damage reduction. Stack those on your heroes and tanks.
  4. Ranged cooldown is your most important research skill. It allows you to spawn cheap ranged units faster.
  5. Level 5-8 and 6-8 can be easily farmed by spamming a lot of damage upgrade gunners and mages in the top lane and ignoring all enemy attacks. 5-8 will also occasionally drop red items.
  6. Resetting the shop will stop increasing in cost when it reaches 5000, or 2500 with the right research.
  7. Heroes can be upgraded to 89% damage reduction with the right gear and a full set of 9 ultimate crystals. This gear also comes with self healing. You can boost that to 91% damage reduction, but at the cost of reduced self healing.
  8. Increasing your heroes’ affection will lower the cost of using their skills.
  9. Increasing your heroes’ level will raise the cost of using their skills. If their skills are good enough at their current level, don’t raise it.
  10. Don’t be afraid to recall a hero that’s heavily injured. You can deploy them again, at the expense of deployment points, but only if you recall them before they die.
  11. Never execute generals! They become available to hire if you let them live.
  12. Generally you want to use aggressive responses at the beginning of battles. Letting generals live gives you plenty of diplomacy.
  13. Never use affectionate responses in dating. You can get affection points by buying gifts.
  14. The general that increases your SP and the one that increases your mage damage are both really good.


  1. Use your castle walls. Spawning ranged units behind them can allow you to kill the first couple batches of enemy troops with no losses.
  2. Melee troops are terrible. Only use them if you must counter units. Do not attack the enemy castle with them.
  3. A deathball can be created by spawning lots of ranged units such that they kill enemies without taking much damage. Enough stacked ranged units is unstoppable early game. This is also why you don’t use melee units, as the enemy will create a deathball when killing them.
  4. Midgame, the most useful upgrades to them are range increases for weapons and healing items for the two armor slots. Healing keeps them from being party wiped by the castle defenses.
  5. Most valuable hero is Grete that gives damage reduction. Hold off on using it until your troops are in battle, then spam it as often as you can.
  6. Do not deploy heroes early game. Late game, you can upgrade them with massive damage reduction and heal from crystals and gear, and use as a shield. Early game, just focus on stacking lots of ranged in one lane.


  1. Don’t bother with siege towers. Use catapults instead.
  2. Attack the top two lanes or bottom 2 lanes with catapults until the walls are broken so that the archers cant kill your troops and catapults in the far lane. Don’t attack the remaining lane so it doesn’t spawn enemies. Only lanes with destroyed walls spawn enemies.
  3. Heroes should have self heal items if you have any. It will keep the cannons from wearing them down.
  4. Best hero is Grace. Spam her healing to help keep your catapults alive.
  5. Give your melee units damage reduction crystals and your ranged damage increase crystals.
  6. On easy mode, you can deathball the enemy defenses with a couple of melee backed by lots of ranged and push into the far lane. On hard mode, focus all your attention on keeping 1 or 2 catapults alive in the far lane and let those destroy the castle.
  7. If you have good healing on your heroes, you can hold off on destroying the castle wall until you have a lot of deployment points saved up.
  8. Your 4th hero stacks up in the top lane. If you want to use units to destroy the enemy, destroying the top 2 walls will open up the possibility of a powerful hero charge.


  1. Put your meanest mounted hero with a melee weapon in front and your second meanest in back. The mounted heroes with melee weapons can do a nasty charge that will wipe or heavily damage most packs of enemies.
  2. Put your best ranged units in slot 2, usually druids or mages.
  3. Put your second meanest hero in back.
  4. If you see a water bucket, click on it to collect. Those are used automatically if there is fire in the path of your party.
  5. Keep your party moving.
  6. These tips will make ambush battles pretty easy, even on hard mode.


  1. Cards that give melee damage reduction of 12% and 15% can make your assassin hero immune to almost all forms of damage with the right gear and full set of damage reduction crystals.
  2. Use towers to protect 2 lanes and kill the third with ranged units spam. Can also protect those lanes by deploying heroes and not having them charge.
  3. Druids are really powerful on hard mode since they can usually survive enemy hero skills better than your other ranged units.
  4. The enemy will run out of traps. Don’t worry too much about losing a pack of gunners. Just spawn more.
  5. Deploy one ranged hero on the the lane you’re attacking in to help shield your deathball from damage and towers. Can deploy additional ranged heroes if you have the gear for them.
  6. On hard mode, the most valuable card is generally the one that prevents enemy heroes from using skills.
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