Lucy Got Problems – All Mechanics Guide

Quick guide to all mechanics!

Mechanics Explained

Guide for Cutie Lucy

  1. Start of the game

After starting the game, you get to the main screen. Click the “New game” button to start a new game.

  1. Description of the game

You play as Lucy, who finds herself in a magical world where her mission is to save him from evil forces. During the game you will make decisions and solve puzzles that you will come across on the way.

  1. Character management

The character is controlled with the mouse. Clicking on an object opens a dialog box or gives access to an action. Lucy can also move around locations, for this you need to click on sufficiently wide areas of the screen.

  1. Saving the game

To save your progress, you need to select the “Save” item in the Main Window menu. After the game is saved, you can exit it.

  1. Game dialogues and answers

Game dialogues and answers should be selected depending on the situation. Some answers may affect the development of the plot and the ending of the game.

  1. Solving puzzles

Your goal is.

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