Magurele Mystery – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Full achievement guide for Măgurele Mystery – A first person horror puzzle game. ~2-3h to 100%.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Dev’s walkthrough can be found here. The purpsoe of this guide is just to specify how to unlock the missable achievements as they aren’t covered in the walkthrough.

Great Brotac

A wise man that lived once!

Right before entering the castle, you’ll see a frog statue on the right. Approach it to get the achievement.

Why are you dumb?

When you’ll be reaching the 3 candles puzzle (see 25:36 in the video), you’ll have to put them in the order (red, blue, yellow).

Instead of doing that, keep placing the candles wrong until you get the achievement.


See 28:17 for reference

After going through the portal once, you should have a door behind you. Open it and go through the portal 3 times to unlock the achievement. After that, just load the latest save to continue the game.

Beast Destroyed

Broth made him weak but he’s not dead yet!

See 42:52 for reference

After turning the 2 valves you should get the achievement. However, if it doesn’t unlock, quickly ALT-F4 before the game saves and try again until it unlocks.

Beast is dead forever! & You spared his life & Final battle!

After turning the 2 valves, you’ll have to choose between 2 options. “Kill” option will unlock the achievement.

Load the game after that and this time choose “Spare his life”. After that, you’ll be teleported into a new place, just follow the linear path until encountering the monster again and you should unlock “Final battle!”. You can just quit the playthrough afterwards.

Christmas beast Update

  • Go the entrance and pick up the key from under the flower pot.
  • Right-click on the door to unlock it.
  • In the hallway, you should see a nutcracker sitting on a green table on the left. Zoom on it (Middle Mouse Button).
  • Go in the first room on the right and pick up the key from the table.
  • Go back to the hallway and unlock the first door on the left.
  • After entering the room, a table on the right side with a nutcracker on it will be there. Zoom on the nutcracker.
  • In the kitchen, another nutcracker will be on the counter. Zoom on it.
  • On the table, you should see a black vase. Pick it up, open the door that leads outside and place it in the center of the lights.
  • After that, go back and open the door that’s next to the table.
  • Pick up the key from the shelf.
  • Go back to the hallway and unlock the last door.
  • Pick up the wine bottle and zoom on the nutcracker which is in the corner of the room.
  • Go up the stairs and pick up the ligther from the table.
  • Open the door that you see right after going up the stairs.
  • Pick up the key from the bath tub.
  • Go in the left corner of the room and zoom on the nutcracker.
  • Unlock the door on the left, at the end of the corridor.
  • Right as you enter, you’ll see a desk with a key on it, pick it up.
  • On the nightstand, you’ll see another nutcracker. Zoom on it.
  • Open the door on the right, at the end of the corridor.
  • The last nutcracker is on a table with a plant on it. Zoom on it (The Nutcracker achievement should unlock now).
  • Pick up the gun and ammo from the round poker table.
  • Go back outside, pour the wine and light all the candles. (Beast Summoner should unlock). If not, press 1 to equip your gun and kill the monster.

Congratulations on your completion!

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