Marvel’s Midnight Suns – All Promo Codes

For the video game Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you can find all currently active promotional codes below that may be used to earn special rewards.

List of All Working Promo Codes

Active Codes

Iron Man

  • 03GSWZQ3TPWU – Bleeding Edge outfit (Dec 23)

Spider Man

  • 04WY8F6MD5 – Demon Spider Outfit + Spider of Vengeance Skin.

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Additionally, when you link your 2K account from the main menu, the Nightstalker outfit for Blade is instantly added.

How to Reedem Marvel’s Midnight Suns Codes

On the main menu go to Marketplace and click bottom right Promo Code. That’s it!


  1. Just used the Spider-Man code, it game me the “Demon Spider” costume, and “Spider of Vengeance” unlockable for 300-gloss.

  2. You get the Nightstalker outfit for Blade with your 2k account, you don’t get a code by email, it’s automatically added when you link your account from the main menu 🙂 .

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