Master Of Pottery – How to Get More Inspiration

This guide will explain how to get more Inspiration (up to 200) every day, because I didn’t see anyone else talk about this.

Guide to Get More Inspiration


You start out with 100 Daily Inspiration, which allows you to make only 2 pots each day, and if you are selling any pots at the pottery shop, or teaching your apprentices, then you will have enough inspiration to make only 1 or even 0 pots a day.

So, this guide will explain how to get more Inspiration for all your needs!

Unlocking the Tea House

To get more inspiration, you first have to unlock the Tea House on the map.

On days 33 and 41, you will receive two different orders at the top right of your screen, first one is the Tea House ordering a design for their teacups from you, and the second one requesting a design for their teapots:

Also, I’ve read that some people are having trouble finding the Tea House logo when making the orders, so make sure that you first accept the order and then go to make the pot, and while you are decorating the pot, you should see the logo in the second pattern category!

After successfully completing both orders, the Tea House will immediately be unlocked, and you can find it on the map!

Getting More Inspiration!

After unlocking the Tea House, go to it using the map in the lower right corner of the screen.

Inside the Tea House, in the lower right corner you should see a button with a teacup symbol on it titled “Drink”, click on it.

You will be greeted with a pop-up saying that for 5000¥ you can buy a drink that will immediately give you +10 inspiration and increase your max inspiration by +10 (so your max inspiration would be 110 now):

This is a permanent purchase, and after you proceed to the next day, you will see that now you have 110 inspiration to use.

The Tea House refreshes after every exhibition day, so the day after you bought your first drink, you can already buy the next one.


Here are the prices for all of the drinks and how much inspiration you get:

  • 1st drink – 5000¥ (Max Inspiration 100 to 110).
  • 2nd drink – 8000¥ (110 to 120).
  • 3rd drink – 11000¥ (120 to 130).
  • 4th drink – 14000¥ (130 to 140).
  • 5th drink – 17000¥ (140 to 150).

In total you would need 55000¥ to max out your daily Inspiration.

150 Inspiration is the current cap for Max Inspiration, but you can get and use even more Inspiration in a single day!

Getting Even More Inspiration

After you bought your first 5 drinks, you then can purchase additional 50 Inspiration (not Max Inspiration) every day for 20000¥.

Please be aware, your inspiration cap is still at 150, so if you already have 150 inspiration, and then buy a drink, you will not get anything! It will stay at 150, so I really recommend buying this only if you have 100 or less inspiration to not waste money.

I learned this the hard way…

With this you can get 200 daily Inspiration, and make up to 4 pots each day.

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