The Last Starship – Frequently Asked Questions (Playtest)

Just some FAQs and tips around playing the game.

Unofficial FAQ


Debug Mode

  • If you get stuck there is a debug mode in the top right corner, from here you can spawn equipment and items while also building out your ship with walls etc.

How to use Fuel O2?

  • Fuel goes into your reactor and Oxygen goes into your airduct both need to be connected to a loader via a pipe:

CO2 Scrubber Blocked?

  • You need to connect it via a pipe to a tank.

How to FTL

  • Open the sector map and select your desired location, then close that and enter the FTL screen. Allign and click jump when its ready.

How to move to a different sector?

  • You will need to first FTL to the next sector location:

When there the FTL screen will show a jump to next sector option.

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