MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – Dragon’s Gambit Red Cache Locations

This short guide will provide the locations and contents of all 15 red caches in The Dragon’s Gambit DLC.

What’s in This Guide

Each of the 15 missions in The Dragon’s Gambit includes a secret loot cache. The cache is always the same building style and will be identified by a red marker.

All contents of these caches are Tier 5 and will include ammo for the weapon(s).

Image 00: Loot hut building template

With the screenshots of locations will be the weapons in that cache as well as an additional mission rewards. Some missions will automatically end once objects are complete and will be marked with an asterisk(*) so you know to loot before razing the battlefield to the ground.

Total Available Loot:


  • AC/2-BF x2
  • AC/5-BF x2
  • AC/20 x2
  • Gauss x4
  • LB 10-X
  • LB 10-X SLD x3
  • UAC/5 x3


  • ER L Laser x3
  • ER PPC
  • L Laser x4
  • LP Laser x3
  • M Laser x6
  • MP Laser x6
  • PPC x2
  • S Laser x6
  • SP Laser x6


  • LRM 10 ArtIV x3
  • LRM 15 ArtIV x2
  • LRM 15 ArtIV x2
  • SRM 4 ArtIV x2
  • SRM 6 ArtIV x2


  • Double Heat Sink x12

Mission 01: Rat Infested Shores

Cache contents: LB 10-X SLD

Image 01: Rat Infested Shores location

Mission 02: Trial by Fire

Cache contents: DHS x4, ER-Large Laser x3

Image 02: Trial by Fire location

Mission 03: Hit and Run

Cache contents: AC/20 x2

Image 03: Hit and Run location

Mission 04: Seek and Destroy*

Cache contents: Gauss x2

Additional rewards: CPLT-K2-S

Mission ends when the last group of enemies is defeated.

Image 04: Seek and Destroy location

Mission 05: Voluntary Destruction

Cache contents: UAC/5 x3

Image 05: Voluntary Destruction location

Mission 06: No Soldier Left Behind*

Cache contents: DHS x4, MP Laser x6, M Laser x6

Mission ends when the last checkpoint is cleared.

Image 06: No Soldier Left Behind location

Mission 07: Shielded Withdrawal

Cache contents: LRM 10 ArtIV x3

Additional rewards: BLR-1G-S and Shintaro Abe

Image 07: Shielded Withdrawal location

Mission 08: Lightning Strike

Cache contents: SRM 6 ArtIV x2, SRM 4 ArtIV x2

Image 08: Lightning Strike location

Mission 09: Shattered Lines*

Cache contents: DHS x4, LP Laser x3, SP Laser x6

Additional rewards: MAL-MX90-S and Ari Fuji

Mission ends when the last base is destroyed.

Image 09: Shattered Lines location

Mission 10: Foothold*

Cache contents: LRM 15 ArtIV x2

Mission ends when the last mission objective is destroyed.

Image 10: Foothold location

Mission 11: Into Darkness

Cache contents: ER PPC, PPC x2

Image 11: Into Darkness location

Mission 12: Arcturan Arms Incursion*

Cache contents: AC/5-BF x2, AC/2-BF x3, LB 10-X

Mission ends when all bases and enemy mechs are destroyed. Advise “Hold Fire” command for lance mates before bases are destroyed.

Image 12: Arcturan Arms Incursion location

Mission 13: Razing the Enemy*

Cache contents: L Laser x4, S Laser x6

Additional rewards: CGR-3K-S and Akira Ohtani

Mission ends when both bases and enemy mechs are destroyed. Take care, allied units can clear bases and end mission prematurely.

Image 13: Razing the Enemy location

Mission 14: Wrath of the Dragon*

Cache contents: LRM 20 ArtIV x2

Mission ends when objectives and enemy mechs are destroyed.

Image 14: Wrath of the Dragon location

Mission 15: Checkmate*

Cache contents: LB 10-X SLD x2, Gauss x2

Additional reward: HTM-26T-S

Mission ends when last enemy mech is defeated.

Image 15: Checkmate location

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