MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline – Guide to Start Farming Events as Soon Are Unlocked (Highway Blitz Method)

Wanna get the halloween, summer, and other variants of your characters like, right now? Here’s a way to do so.

Start Farming Events as Soon Are Unlocked

What’s This About?

The Events will be unlocked once you reach Level 60. However, the Power required to play them is incredibly high unless you grinded units and upgrades for hours.

Since I am a coomer and really wanted Summer iCO as soon as possible, I found out kind of a shortcut so you can start grinding event currency.

What You Must Do

Before we start, get 1-ups

This is important, since you are playing events with Power way beyond your current situation. Keep on mind that you can only use three 1-UPs per run (1 in Challenge), and on average you might need 1-2 for this strat. But better hoard as many as possible if you plan to farm way ahead of what was intended. Personally, just farm to get whichever you really like, then wait until you progress further. But not gonna stop you.

  1. Pick Highway Blitz

This is the simplest map as far as I know, since is basically the first level of Megaman X. I tried other levels but have a lot of projectiles, platforming, and enemy waves. Including you also have to fight a boss, and most events will give the same quantity of currency, just stick with this one. As even if you max out on event rewards, you can still get tickets.

If you don’t know how to exactly unlock this event, go to Event Settings and you will find it in Seasonal Events.

When comes to character and build, up to you really. You mostly have to focus on evading projectiles. Here was my Power at the time of writing this, and even so I could’ve done it lower.

  1. The Walkthrough

The level is super straightforward with easy to predict crumbling floors. A good portion of enemies can be ignored, even more if you wanna spare one 1-UP. You can even avoid most enemies, but the cars can be very tricky since might turn arround.

The bee blader is the real challenge

Depending of your equipment and character, the Bee Blader can easily kill you along the bombs and other enemies. This is where 1-UPs are needed the most, minimum 1. If you have damaging DiVE skills, use them all here.

Keep going, avoiding enemies, keeping some distance against the enemy waves sections, until you reach Vile.

  1. The Vile Part

Vile is actually a very easy boss since only has three attacks and all are ground based, so jumping on time should be more than enough against most of his attacks. He starts in the middle of the screen, but as soon does his drill attack will remain in either corner and become easier to time your evasions. Depending of your DPS this boss can drag a while, but is nonetheless harmless.

  • The drill attack might require a bit of timing, but is telegraphed. If you have a character skill that can keep you airbone for a second, then things will be even easier.
  • The charged beams are even easier since Vile glows before shooting. Just be aware that at times will shoot 2-3 times in a row, as well the charge animation might either not happen or be mute. Again, if you have skills to remain airborne will help, but since is a smaller hitbox than Vile’s drill attack is often not needed.
  • The mines might be the thing you must be most aware of. Either predict their position, or destroy the nearest ones right away.

4. The Earnings

On average the level should take you 3-5 minutes, depending of how you speedrun through the level, and the damage you deal to Vile. Obviously the more you progress through the game things will be even easier.

But I did this for summer iCO. And so you can do the same for those seasonal units and other items. Just don’t overdo it. Get whatever you’re prioritizing, and then progress until the Events are a breeze to farm normally.

  1. The Alternatives

If you are struggling too much, or don’t wanna continue spending 1-UPs now and then, you can go for Maleficent Hero. This is a stage with no enemies whatsoever, and all you have to do is collect items under a time limit. Even if you don’t reach 100% completion, you can still get the same quantity of event currency. The main negative is that since there’s zero enemies or threats and you must still wait for the time over, it might become a boring farming method overtime.


  1. I was wondering what the name of the april fools event was, and it is indeed Maleficent Hero. a stage I wish I remembered the name of before doing the challenges underleveled.

  2. It should probably be mentioned that the Maleficent Hero event is incredibly useful for anyone who wants an easy start farming events. The stage features no enemies and just requires you to run around and collect items. On the off chance someone has trouble with Vile (however unlikely), it’s a revive-free alternative that you have to try to fail.

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