Starfield – How to Fix the Aim Down Sights Bug

So, you suddenly can’t ADS huh. Don’t worry, this should hopefully fix it.

Guide to Fix the Aim Down Sights Bug

The Fix

So, you suddenly can’t ADS.

I too suffered from this awful bug for about 15+ hours of gameplay.

It’s easy an easy fix.

  • Step 1: Save and Quit the Game.
  • Step 2: Load your save.
  • Step 3: Look at the bottom right of your screen, you should see your Cutter slotted in 0/100 Ammo regardless of what gun you are holding.
  • Step 4: Go into your inventory, and drop your cutter and while it’s on the floor HOLD E (or your controller pick up button) to Equip it.
  • Step 5: Swap to any weapon on your Quick Swap tree.

This should of fixed your ADS bug.

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