METAL GEAR SOLID 3: Snake Eater – Master Collection Version – How to Set Up Controls (Keyboard + Mouse)

I found a way to make MGS3 enjoyable to play with keyboard and mouse and wanted to just share with you.

The game is a masterpiece and I want other people to enjoy it as well. It took me hours to get here, but I´m happy with my results.

How to Make MGS3 Enjoyable

I’ve tinkered for hours getting finding a comfortable way to play the game on keyboard and mouse.

I found no guides to help me, so I’ll tell you how I´ve done it. It´s alright for me, but you can simply swap controls till you feel comfortable with it.

I use a software called keyboard splitter:

Which emulates an Xbox 360 controller.

You will have to set these yourself, but I will list you all the keybindings.

The keybinds take a little time to get used to and its a bit of a compromise, which favors better gameplay settings, but has some unconventional menu controls on the other hand.

After you set and activated your control scheme in keyboard splitter you´ll have to run it with the “Block keyboard” option enabled.

You can also quick toggle this mode with pressing CTRL five times.

I will list the controls and explain how to use it first and list the bindings afterwards.

I hope you can finally enjoy MGS3 as much as me.

Menu Controls

  • W and S for Up and Down
  • Space for Enter
  • F for going Back

Ingame Controls

I have a mouse that has two extra buttons I can use with my thumb. You may have to find your own keybinding, if you don´t have spare mouse buttons. You can set mouse buttons, when hover your mouse over the little mouse symbol in the bottom right of the little input window, when setting up a certain key).

Mouse for looking around, no need to set anything. Your mouse works along the emulated controller. I had to set my mouse sensitivity to almost 10x my normal DPI.

  • WSAD for Movement
  • Spacebar for Crouch/Lay/Stand
  • IJKL for Quiet Movement (I found no better soultion for this)
  • Q for Item Menu
  • E for Weapon Menu
  • Tab for Radio
  • ESC for Menu (Backpack, Camo, etc)


  • Right Mouse Click for getting your gun into Aim Mode without firing
  • Left Mouse Click to Shoot
  • Extra Mouse Button for Ego Perspective (required for ADS)
  • SHIFT for ADS
  • F for Melee and CQC Combat. While holding an enemy in CQC hold right mouse click for Interrogation, R for Killing and F repeatedly for Choking
  • R for Actions (climb, open things, pull yourself up when hanging on a ledge)
  • V for the zoomed out view (I wouldn´t use it, though, but I think it could be useful in some scenarios)

Key Bindings for Keyboard Splitter

  • Button Start – Escape
  • Button Back – Tab
  • Left Thumb – MouseRightButton
  • Right Thumb – V
  • Left Bumper (LB) – LeftShift
  • Right Bumper (RB) – MouseExtraButton
  • Button Guide – None
  • Button A – Space
  • Button B – F
  • Button X – MouseLeftButton
  • Button Y – R
  • Left Trigger (LT) – Q
  • Right Trigger (RT) – E
  • Axis X Min – A
  • Axis X Max – D
  • Axis Y Min – S
  • Axis Y Max -W
  • Axis Rx Min – None
  • Axis Rx Max – None
  • Axis Ry Min – None
  • Axis Ry Max – None
  • D-pad Up – I (Capital i)
  • D-pad Down – K
  • D-pad Left – J
  • D-pad Right – L
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