Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – The Hunt Is My Mistress Achievement Guide

The Hunt is my Mistress achievement for Shadow of Mordor in 20 Minutes killing all warchiefs and captains and farming points for 10 minutes with 10 minutes remaining.

How to Obtain The Hunt Is My Mistress Achievement

How kill all the captains and warchiefs in 20 minutes with graugs

First you must dominate one warchief, doesn’t matter which one you choose but if you want to get more points don’t dominate the warchief with explosive arrow.

If you want to get your job much easier dominate one of them with no bodyguards.

After that order him to start a riot with another warchiefs and captains.

Then go to the missions and learn the graug bait locations to spawn the graugs.

After that shadow brand the graug and try to eat warchiefs and their bodyguards with them.

If you want to save time don’t kill one bodyguard and let him escape to become a warchief with new bodyguards.

If you want to do that kill the warchief before one of his bodyguard that makes him escape.

Keep doing this until every warchief and captain get killed except your warchief and one captain.

Then go and farm point with a graugh in a stronghold and eat as many enemy as you can until you reach 12000 point.

Then kill the last captain and your warchief in the last riot mission.

PS: When you confronting the explosive arrow warchief don’t hesitate and immediately start shooting him with the bow and kill him fast before he shoots and kills you or your warchief.

Extra tip

After every riot mission and commanding the warchief to do another riot mission make sure to unbrand and kill his followers and the graug to get extra points.

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