Mirror Forge – All Puzzle Solutions and Mechanic Explanations

A general guide for the psychological horror title, Mirror Forge. It covers basic mechanics and the solutions to the puzzles in the game!

Official Guide

All credit goes to Lazarus!


  • Keep an eye on your Journal (located in your inventory). It frequently updates to display your current objective.
  • Occasionally objects will alter depending on where you look/what you interact with, so don’t count a specific area out if you haven’t found what you’re looking for just yet.
  • Sometimes the description of an item with give an inkling on where to use.
  • Blue Silhouettes may appear while you’re holding an object to denote where they need to be placed. Do note that this is not always the case with certain objects.
  • Blue particle effects denote that the Seal of Nur can be used on a particular object/entity.
  • The game uses an autosave system that saves frequently. You’ll know the game is saved when the message Game Saved appears on the top left of your screen.


Statues and Roman Numerals in the Realm of Nur

The statues in the box must be placed onto the correct pillar. You can find out where they go by the slab near the ceiling of the cavern. Match the roman numerals with the sign and place each statue on their corresponding location. After you’re finished, you’ll be able to use the mirror on the adjacent wall.

The Hanger Switches

There are two switches that need to be clicked in order to proceed to the next section. One you’ll able to activate by grabbing a nearby box and flinging it towards the switch.

The other, however, will take more doing to flick on. You’ll have to enter a room on the opposite end of the hanger and activate the ladder control gate in the office. Once you have, you can ascend to the upper layer of the main hanger room by using the ramp near the door you just came from. From there, you can traverse past the pipes and onto a platform with the second switch.

The Code for the Hanger Door

The code for the door is 3715

The Sparking Cable

There is a roll of tape in the maintenance room. Make sure the power is off when you apply the tape, from there, you’ll be able to learn the code for a locker: 9173. This is for the locker back in the room near the door.

The Girl, the Photo, and the Hospital

Before anything else, remember that you can always open your map with M (by default). First you’ll head to Room 3, then the bathroom, then back to the kitchen. Then, you’ll head to storage and grab a muddied photo from the room. From there, you’ll head to the Pharmacy room and grab the paper emulsion liquid. You’ll apply it to the basin nearby and then put the muddied photo in there. With the now clean photo, place it on the white cabinet next to the red door.

The Museum and the Clock

You’ll be utilizing the large clock that eventually appears in the middle of the museum. The time you’ll want to put on the face is 9:35.

The Gears and the Spiders

To open the gate that holds the keycard and means of progression inside, you’ll have to collect the cogs around the bathroom and affix them onto the pipe with the large cog.

The “Who Died” Piston Puzzle in The Water Treatment Plant

The answer is Pig, Fire, & Mushroom.

Laser Beams in the Shelter’s Gymnasium

For the first set of objects, you’ll turn them until the beam connects with the tablet adjacent to the door. In the next section, there will be a button behind the statue that you can press to open up the next door and move forward. There will be a small, blue pyramid that you’ll use to manipulate the beam to hit the base of the statue, destroying the webbing.

The Password for the Mirror Forge Computer

The password is Timmy0812.

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