Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Long Sword Progression Guide

Guide to Long Sword Progression

Switch Skills

Sunbreak new switch skills

  • Sacred Sheathe Combo (Unlocks at MR1)
  • Tempered Spirit Blade (Unlocks after MR4 first urgent)
  • Harvest Moon (Unlocks after MR4 first urgent)

Classic/Traditional Playstyle

Red Scroll

  • Drawn Double Slash
  • Special Sheathe Combo
  • Spirit Roundslash or Spirit Reckoning (personal preference, spirit roundslash is faster, spirit reckoning can be used to semi-reposition or chase)
  • Soaring Kick
  • Serene Pose

Blue Scroll

  • Swap Serene Pose for Harvest Moon for set up

Elemental Build/Parry Style

Red Scroll

  • Drawn Double Slash
  • Sacred Sheathe Combo
  • Spirit Roundslash
  • Silkbind Sakura Slash
  • Serene Pose

Counter/Parry Style

Red Scroll

  • Drawn Double Slash
  • Sacred Sheathe Combo
  • Spirit Roundslash
  • Tempered Spirit Blade
  • Serene Pose

Blue Scroll

  • Swap Serene Pose for Harvest Moon for set up

Buddies Recommendations

These are some of the recommendations for Palico and Palamutes choices that help longsword gameplay along progression and endgame, the builds are not exactly endgame builds since only skill buffs and some other way of support is looked for.

Recommended buddy combo: One Palico and one Palamute.


These are the palicos recommended for Longsword. For damage go with Fighter Palicos over the other two.

Gathering Palico is desirable for its versatility with crowd control, healing and being a wirebug spender machine , some of the recommended skills are:

  • Endemic Life Barrage
  • Healing Bubble
  • Summeown Endemic Life
  • Shock Tripper
  • Pilfer

Healing bubble is especially desirable for dereliction build listed above, and also since these bubbles can be used with attacks there is no need to sheath so maintaining Harvest Moon is slightly easier.

The big bonus however is Summeown Endemic Life, which spawn a wirebug you can take which make spamming all silkbind moves much much easier and is a DPS improvement not only early but late game.

Shock Tripper is a nice bonus to get some CC from time to time.

In the case of Fighter Palico, this kind of Palico gives huge buffs that are also really desirable, being some recommended skills:

  • Rousing Roar
  • Whirlwind Assault/Go, Fight, Win/ Healing Bubble
  • Power Drum
  • Fleet-foot-Feat/Shock Tripper
  • Furr-ious

The mainly recommended skills from this palico are the base skill Rousing Roar which provides 30% affinity, making Gais set and all other Maximum Might reliant set to achieve 100% affinity, much easier to use for Sacred sheath user or people who spam roll.

Power Drum provides an Attack and Defense buff to the hunter which straight up improves DPS and survivability. These 2 are the main reasons for going Fighter Palico over the other Palico types.

Equipment there is not much to see, any armor Works, only matter defense and weapon recommendations F Jelly shade X for a full support role for both Palico types.

Skill recommendations are range centric and any status attack up, other than that is free choice.


Palamute are more often used as a vehicle and DPS, so we will only be covering the DPS usage, raw the most recommended since it can do some decent damage without changing weapons every single hunt, making progression less problematic.

Gear recommendations are Large Shuriken and Throwarm scroll or Flurry strike scroll. Skill recommendations are Range centric plus any attack, ranged attack or affinity skill at your disposal.

Equipment recommendations for palamute are simple, any armor that provides a decent amount of defense are whatever highest attack weapon in the range section you have at your disposal regardless of element.

Since we are not minmaxing Buddies we only give recommendations instead of a must follow build.

Raw Longsword Sets

MR 1-2 budget set

Hornetaur LS

Earliest natural white sharpness longsword you can get. Build does not require you to hunt any large monsters and comes with 95% affinity added on with some points of handicraft for comfortable sharpness management. Use this build if you rushed to sunbreak after HR 7.

Mr 1-2 (requires HR Teostra materials)

Great Izuchi LS

For hunters who did High rank progression before sunbreak,

You get 85% affinity and alot more raw with this build but it require HR Teostra helmet.

You still get white sharpness after handicraft 2 but lesser than the previous build.

Use this build instead if you have the resources.

MR 3

Nargacuga LS

Nargacuga Longsword with its fat 40% affinity means we don’t need much affinity to hit 100% affinity allowing for us to slot in attack boost 7 for more raw damage. MR3 also unlocks the long sword favorite monster Barioth with in-built quick sheathe and efficient slots.


Lunagaron LS (with exploit ramp up decoration)

Here finally appears one of the core skills of Longsword, wirebug whisperer. This skill at level 3 reduces wirebug cooldown and lets the third wirebug you grab last much longer, making spamming silkbind skills much easier than before, especially if paired with a Palico with the Summeown Endemic Life skill.

The attack boost point drops are worth it but the damage doesn’t drop since we can finally use anti-species decorations in the rampage slot, just choose whatever fits the hunt and enjoy your free 5% raw.


Chameleos makes a return with even more violence. With the amount of slots we can easily get AB7, and it can also use anti-species rampage decoration for even more damage. 85% affinity baseline with up to 95% with Maximum Might.

MR6 non-dereliction (Kushala Soul ramp-up)

All hail our lord and savior kushala soul.

Even with the huge white AND purple sharpness of Abyssal Flicker, the -25% affinity is way too painful to deal with. Luckily the rampage slot is a 3 slot, which means kushala soul can save our ass with this build.

Going from -25% affinity to 25% thanks to WEX 3, to 45% with CE4, had to play bloodlust which is frenzy virus to get extra 20% after getting cure getting 65% affinity, if he have maximum might on now we are at 85%, but not 100% affinity with a -25% is cringe, so there comes Kushala Soul, giving us 5% affinity first hit and 15% after 5, going up to 100% with everything.

All hail kushala soul.

Also if you use a fighter palico with rousing roar, you have the option to change kushala soul decoration for anti-species for more dmg, but keep in mind the buff is from time to time so you will have less average dmg the entire hunt. Thats also an option if you are a sacred sheath player so you dont need maximum might to hit 100% affinity.

MR 6 dereliction (Kushala Soul ramp-up)

Dereliction finally appears, giving a huge damage buff with the plus of resentment. High risk high reward build! Bloodlust is not only an affinity buff but also a healing skill since it will heal the red health dereliction generates with draining. Use Healing Palico if you struggle with the drain.

Longsword prefers blue scroll as main damage scroll and red scroll only for setup, so make sure to swap all scroll setup listed at the beginning, red to blue and blue to red when using dereliction.

MR10 (pre Chaotic Gore Magala)

This set assumes you have a talismans with any skill and 2-2 slots.

This weapon only has a slot 1 rampage slot so use the Spiritbird/Chameleos Soul/Buddy Rally (if double dog) rampage decorations.

MR10 (Chaotic Gore Magala)

With the appearance of C.Gore we get Chaos/Loi. All C.Gore weapons have a funny mechanic where they have divided affinity. The C.Gore LS has -30% affinity until Bloodlust is cured, giving it 30% affinity. This allows us to reach 100% affinity easily with wex, allowing more room for other damage skills.

Bloodlust has an innate draining mechanic so is not recommended in severe cases of skill issue but the damage output is higher than the Violet Mizu LS build. Also not recommended if you’re against using Harvest Moon. (skill issue)

Also, slot 2 rampage for anti-species deco, so even more damage output.

Chaos/Loi is love, Chaos/Loi is life.

MR10 (QS2 2-2 charm)

Same sets the previous MR10 sets but slightly more damage due to extra raw skills.

In this iteration of our beloved Chaos/Loi, just like Gais LS set, the draining gets real with both Dereliction and Bloodlust together (get good).

Chaos/Loi is love, Chaos/Loi is life.

MR10 (AB3 2-2 charm)

If you get a better charm aiming for the endgame charms after the QS2 2-2 one, you can start building the beloved and broken Amatsu LS. After the shadow buff from a bug fix that capcom never said anything about it, now this weapon is beyond broken for LS and its literally the best option until endgame where you can start building elemental sets.

Use this set with Kushala Bless soul just like with Gais LS since it also have -25% affinity so that thing make this weapon bearable this early.

All hail kushala soul.

MR10 (AB3 2-2 charm) V2/ “FUCK YOU GIT GUD”

Okay so, Scorned Magnamalos event is a thing, if you want even slightly more damage this is the set, literally no point in using anything else until MR100 where you gonna use this since is when you unlock the Scorned Magnamalos. Still using Daora Soul Rampage deco until MR140 sadly, but this still hit harder. This set is the best even vs the BuB variations at MR110 so you can safely use it until MR120.


With Mr100 we have incel magna armor. Mail of Hellfire gives 15 raw at level 1 at cost of 50 defense, but since defense doesn’t matter in this game it’s like having no drawbacks.

For people who don’t want to deal with Dereliction draining mechanics even if they have to sacrifice damage output. (get good)

MR110 (raw)

First set that makes use of the status meta for raw LS. Risen Chammy has Buildup Boost, giving bonus damage to attacks that apply poison. Foray also gives an extra 10 raw when the monster is poisoned and Chame blessing 3 which doubles the poison duration. From this point forward all raw sets will use status. (BuB is gud)


Same old broken ammy LS, we finally get Wind mantle so time to change a bit the set going for Tempest robe and changing our Scorned Chest to waist, still using Daora Soul rampage decoration because we want the 100% affinity, still outperforms BuB version.


We finally get  Risen Teostra armor pieces which finally let us stop using Daora Soul, thanks to that we can use racist decorations (anti-species) and get an extra multiplier in our damage. Its Highly recommended to use Skill+, Slot+ or anything that can remove a skill in the gauntlets to delete Berserk and be even more comfortable with the Scroll switch, you arent looking for any skill to get, just remove Berserk with those augments options and you are good to go.


Last set before working on endgame stuff. The template is exactly the same as the endgame meta sets since these pieces are broken for LS and pretty much is hard to swap any of them for ISS playstyle. It is barely to pretty much not at all behind raw than the mr140 set thanks to having Ab7, and is finally time for Frenzied Bloodlust, a skill insanely good for LS. Having an extra bug and being able to hit up to 4 bugs total let you spam Serene pose, enabling the ISS SP spam cycle making the dps so much higher than before. Handicraft for even more purple high also let us take even longer to reach white sharpness or not having to spam that often scroll swap to resharpen with heaven-Sent.

This set takes into account no Anomaly Rank at all, so if you have access to decorations like Handicraft Jewel 4 or whatever else, it is easily upgradeable. Since these pieces are the base template for the endgame sets, you can start augmenting them with no problem.

Elemental LS sets (MR 50-70)

Outdated after amatsu ls buff, use amatsu ls instead

Fire: Magmadron LS

Water: Almudron LS

Thunder: Zinogre LS

Swap the PP+ deco for Handi+ deco if you don’t like PP (we know you do though)

Ice: Auroracanth LS

Dragon: Valstrax LS

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