Monster Prom – Guide to Damien LaVey

Please note: all credit goes to Linhardt <3 !

This is a comprehensive guide to everyone’s favourite red spicy baby man! This guide includes the best stats for wooing Damien, his endings, and other endings he’s involved with. It also involves his lore, and his trivia! Happy reading!

Damien – Best Stats (and How to Get Them)

Damien’s stats are boldness, and fun!

For a short run through of the game, you’ll need +12 BOLDNESS, and +7 FUN. For a full run through of the game, you’ll need +17 BOLDNESS, and +10 FUN.

The Fun Stat

In the Pre-Game Preparation (“Our PHD in ♥!”), certain answers will give you certain stats. For the FUN stat, you’ll need to pick these answers:

  • For “Democracy is just broken” – “We create a reality show called ‘Americas Next Top President”
  • For “You wish you were raised by” – “A mysterious old man…”
  • For “You get the chance to produce a movie” – “The most influential Russian novelists…”
  • For “What is your spirit emoji?” – “Octopus Emoji”
  • For “An alien race invades earth…” – “My favourite coffee is vodka”
  • For “If you had to have sex with an animal…” – “A dolphin”
  • For “You’ve stayed late at the office” – “Sexy Cluedo”
  • For “You build a 100ft statue” – “Your friend stopped you from texting embarrassing stuff to your ex…”
  • For “If you could go back in time” – “Why should we assume silly younger me needs advice?”
  • For “Its your chance to fix global warming” – “Its time to be a real hero…”
  • For “The coolest mythological creature” – “A sphinx”
  • For “Which inanimate object would be the best girlfriend or boyfriend…” – “A dildo”
  • For “Leader of a new country” – “Just Garfield’s face”
  • For “Walking through the desert…” – “Too busy twerking”
  • For “How would you talk a cop out of arresting you?” – “Use your gaming skills”

The FUN stat can also be increased by visiting OUTDOORS.

The Bold Stat

In the Pre-Game Preparation (“Our PHD in ♥!”), certain answers will give you certain stats. For the BOLD stat, you’ll need to pick these answers:

  • For “Democracy is just broken” – “You put all the candidates in an empty room…”
  • For “You wish you were raised by” – “A really progressive marriage…”
  • For “You get the chance to produce a movie” – “Two cool guys…”
  • For “What is your spirit emoji?” – “Snowman”
  • For “If you had to have sex with an animal…” – “No one can make me ♥♥♥ an animal”
  • For “School is outdated and lame…” – “How to correctly punch a crocodile…”
  • For “If you could put a curse on your worst enemy…” – “I’d curse them all to fall in love”
  • For “A distant relative has passed…” – “Try to convince your family…”
  • For “You’ve swapped bodies…” – “She’s killing her lifelong rival…”
  • For “What would be the coolest prize…” – “A tiny piece of sharp metal”
  • For “You build a 100ft statue” – “Your least favourite political figure”
  • For “How would you die?” – “How I die is irrelevant”
  • For “Leader of a new country” – “Simple three-coloured stripe…”
  • For “Walking through the desert…” – “♥♥♥ turtles”

The BOLDNESS stat can also be increased by visiting BATHROOMS.

Damiens Secret Endings!

Warning! This Section Will Include Spoilers!

All of these endings randomly trigger: you don’t have to buy items from the shop!

The Fight Ending

In this ending, you can attempt to beat the ♥♥♥ out of Damien! (…hooray?)

Note: You don’t actually have to succeed on this ending!

  • The first line of this route is “♥♥♥! I’m so angry!”
  • If your SMARTS are higher than your FUN, select: “Jokes on you, pal…”.Otherwise, select “No time to think of anything clever…”
  • The next interaction for this ending is Damien getting angry… at a banana…
  • If your CHARM are higher than your BOLD, select: “Defend the bananas honour”. Otherwise, select “Eat the banana”
  • The third interaction for this ending is Scott and Vera discussing the fight with you
  • If your MONEY is higher than your CHARM, select: “Here’s what I’m gonna do Vera”. Otherwise, select “I don’t know, probably die…”
  • Finally, take Damien to prom!

The Sun Ending

In this ending, everyone favourite himbo will attempt to punch the sun! Yep, the actual sun!

  • You’ll know the route has been triggered when Scott and Damien are having an arm wrestling match, which Damien looses.
  • To trigger this ending you must select “Whoever can punch the sun in the face.”
  • In the next interaction is Damien questioning where to acquire a spaceship.
  • If your SMART is higher than your BOLD, select “WikiHow!” as a response. Otherwise, select “Check out the school spaceship!”
  • OH NO! The Coven appears! The next interaction in this route is the coven criticising Damien for his foolproof plan.
  • If your CREATIVITY is higher than your CHARM, select “Forge an elaborate scroll…”. Otherwise, select “THE SUN WAS THE BIG BAD ALL ALONG!”
  • The final interaction on this route is Damien confessing his worries.
  • If your SMART is higher than your FUN, choose “You must first surrender your ego.” Otherwise, select “Nothing beats the element of surprise!”
  • Finally, take Damien to prom!

The Hair Ending

In this ending, Damien lives out his true dreams! Who knew such an angry man could be such a great hair stylist?

  • This routes trigger conversation includes Liam, Damien, Polly and Miranda. It begins with the player and Liam arguing about diets.
  • If your MONEY is higher than your SMARTS, choose “Divert their attention by making it rain.” Otherwise, select “Turn Damiens phone into a bird”
  • The next interaction involves Damien telling you and Liam a story about himself
  • If your BOLD is higher than your CHARM, select “Witness a loved one getting killed.” Otherwise, select “Meet a tough adversary.”
  • In the final interaction in this route, Damien confesses he believes his dads wont approve 🙁
  • If your CREATIVITY is higher than your BOLDNESS, select “Practise the art of a stealth makeover!” Otherwise, choose “Change your scissors for a dagger…”
  • Finally, go to prom with Damien

Endings Damien Is Involved In!

Warning: This Section Will Contain Spoilers!

Damien is involved in a lot more than his 3 endings! This section of the guide won’t cover how to get these endings (as off the time of writing anyway: I have a life.)

More Damien Art!

  • The CAGANER ending
  • The IDENTITY/b] ending*
  • The ORGY ending (a personal favourite)
  • The FELLOW STUDENT ending*
  • The GHOST ending – should you choose to romance Damien
  • The YAOI ending – it technically has him in the back?

Other Endings

These endings all include Damien as a part of the story! However he isn’t in the art for them:

  • The ANGEL BLOOD ending
  • The CORPSE ending
  • The DAHLIA ending*
  • The DRAGON HEAT ending
  • The FLOPPY DISK ending
  • The HOPE ending*
  • The NARRATOR ending*
  • The PRANK MASTERZ ending
  • The SUPPORT GROUP ending*

The endings tagged with * require Monster Prom: Second Term!

A Guide to Damiens Lore/Trivia

This section will include cool little facts about Damien that I enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too 😀

  • Damien has two dads! They’re seen in the CAGANER ending
  • Damien shares a birthday with Lady Gaga herself (slay)
  • Hes 6 foot!
  • Damiens family rules the 8th circle of Hell: In Dante’s ‘Inferno’, this circle punishes those who commit “simple fraud”
  • Damien has an actual furnace in his stomach
  • Damiens ♥♥♥ can turn into nine different shapes
  • Damien enjoys drag!

Whilst these facts aren’t useful to the game in any way, shape or form, I just think they’re neat!

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