Construction Simulator – All Locations Guide (Europe Map)

Here’s every location on the map grouped by districts.

All Locations of Europe

Village & River Bend

  • Company Premises
  • Building Material Dealer
  • Vehicle Dealer
  • Building Yard
  • 4 Gas Stations

City Forest, Villa District & Residential Area

  • Sawmill
  • Building Yard
  • 5 Gas Stations

Gravel Plant Quarry

Gravel Plant (duh)

Industrial Area & Estate

  • Company Premises
  • Steel Trade
  • Gravel Plant
  • Prefabricated Wall Factory
  • 1 Gas Station

City Center & Housing Estate

  • Building Material Dealer
  • Vehicle Dealer
  • 2 Gas Stations

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  1. ingame map is enough you dont need more
    but thx nevertheless
    and you have to drive to all points to unlock them for fast travel

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