Moonring – Useful Tips for Noobs


  • Sometimes there is a secret door in a wall, usually there is monster sounds behind the wall for indicator.
  • There is two type of imp, one that bring key and the other that could drop healing potion / large healing potion and can escape.
  • Flame can be countered by splashing water/bumping into a body of water or rain.
  • Some item like Scaled Cape & wintertree amulet can resist flame.
  • Sometimes if you die, you still have the item from previous run (bug?)
  • Try to get movement skill like shockwave (The Great Wolf) as it is very good for jumping between platform and escaping from enemy to recharge your poise.

Crash at Dungeon

  • Summoning more than 4 wolves might crashes the game.
  • Bumping into torches (Relic Dungeon).
  • Walking into drop trap (Relic Dungeon).


  • Sometimes there are enemies at Herb,Berry, and Kindling area.
  • Mushroom in the overworld gave you Rotting effect (Near Harrowdus).
  • Sometimes there is trader that need help, if you help them you will get guinea (money) and reputation.
  • If a Trader died they will drop their item and the economy will shift.
  • I dont think killing the trader affect your reputation, So what i would do is help them after getting the money and the reputation i would kill them just to get their item.
  • Trader drop isnt always what they had when you check their stuff.
  • You can use tab to mark the dungeon that you’ve cleared.
  • You can teleport with stone circle.
  • Lesser Ruin monster can be reseted, if you had a hard time with the canon enemies just leave the area and comeback.


  • Empty flask are always more expensive than the stuff that comes with it, try to sell it wandering trader or city with higher price (ex: oil).
  • Drop from trader (so far this give me the most money).
  • Relic dungeon gave a LOT of stuff, which you might wanna sell.


I’ve been stuck not knowing what to do, but i managed to kill two bosses.


  • Ask people in wintersholl.
  • Go to the dungeon.
  • Get sleathen tooth.
  • Go to the forest.
  • Wait for rain (important).
  • Kill sleathen with the tooth.

I think I just have the shockwave skill at the time.

Relic Dungeon (Steadfast Hand)

  • Go kill sleathen.
  • Got sleathen head.
  • Bring it to the garden.
  • Relic dungeon opened.
  • Clear first floor.
  • Get devotional tear.
  • Repeat until 7 floor.
  • Get the wolf summon.
  • Cheese the boss with wolf and minor construction.
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