Moviehouse – The Film Studio Tycoon – Beginners Tips

Running your own film studio can be a tricky endeavour. Here are some tips for beginners to succeed in Moviehouse.

Tips for New Players

React quickly when there is a need to intervene

Regularly, your directors and writers will need input from you. Both on their employee icons and on the movie icons up top, a little indicator will let you know when there is need for action. Until you do something, the production or script-writing will be on hold. So react to these questions quickly.

Put your movie up for festivals

Especially in the beginning, no company will want to distribute your movie if they have never heard of it. Putting your movie up for festivals is key to get early visibility for it. At the beginning, only the Short Film Festival is open to you but as you progress, more specific and bigger festivals will be available. Most of the times, after the festival, new distribution options will be available to you.

Pick the best distribution offer for you

When the movie has generated enough buzz to be interesting to film distributors you will receive multiple offers. Each offer lists the amount of money it will generate within a range – if the movie reviews poorly you will receive less money and vice versa. Some offers will take all your distribution rights for Video Tapes and Video Discs but will usually offer more money. It’s up to you to decide if the short term cash infusion is worth potentially losing more money in the long run.

Match the Plot Cards to the Genre by color code

Try to match the plot cards to fit the genre of film you’re making. For example a “Journalist”-protagonist might be great for thrillers but less so for comedies. Think back to the movie tropes you know. To help, we’ve color-coded the cards to their respective genres, so you can also try matching the color of the card to the genre of film you’re making. Note that most cards fit multiple genres, so the colors will mix together.

Use your Crews

Once you get access to crews, try to keep them busy as much as possible. Even when no movie is running, let them work on new props and sets. The more of those you do, the more options you will uncover for future movies. Additionally, the crews are used to scout new locations for movies which will give you more variety for future productions and open up new audiences.

Upgrade your filming locations

Some filming locations are more fitting to the genre of film you’re making then others, Warehouses are great for Action movies, where as a nice suburban house would be better for a Comedy or Drama. Think back to the movies you’ve seen. The same goes for props – a box of chocolates might be great for Romance, but completely out of place in a Horror flick.

Care for your employees

Clicking on one of your employees will open up their employee menu, where you can manage and train them and also send them to vacations. Regularly check on the needs of your employees, keep them happy and train their skills so they will grow with your productions and your company.

Check the Studio Upgrades

On the left of the screen, there is a button called “Studio Upgrades”. Clicking on it will show you what you need to achieve to reach the next studio level and what sub-achievements can be reached on the way. In order to grow in the world of Hollywood, regularly check this and work towards the achievements. Think of them as quests.

Set the interface scale

Not really a gameplay-tip but if you struggle with reading some UI elements, go into the settings menu and experiment with different interface scale settings. Additionally, settings also let you decide the brightness and when the game pauses automatically among other things.

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