My Dream Setup – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to get all achievements in My dream setup.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Playtime: about 30 minutes
  • Difficulity: Very Easy*
  • Missable achievements: 1*

*You need a Twitter account to 100% this game.

Grindy Achievements

Designer I/II/III

  • Click the buy icon in the top left corner and place furniture in your room.

I got I & II normally but had to grind for III. I made a huge room and placed hundreds of small items in it. It will probably take 2 rooms to get to 500.

Painter I/II/III

  • Click the next to last icon on the left side (see picture). This is an easy grind as you can either use shift and paint all walls at once or just click a single wall 500 times. You do not need to change color.

Architect I/II/III

  • It seems these achievements are bugged as I got all three by just opening blueprint mode (the button to the right of buy mode).

Artist I/II/III

  • Click on a piece of furniture and change it’s color. Just like the Painter achievements, you do not need to change color. You can be even smarter here as some furniture are so big that the color button still is on top of it (see picture). This means you just need to click that specific spot a lot of times (unlike the Designer achievements where you need to click every single item).

Other Achievements

The first one

  • You get this by playing the game.

Climate Control

  • Simply change the weather by clicking the weather icon in the top right corner.

It’s working

  • Place something in your room that can be turned on or off. I used a lamp. Click the on/off button that appears.


  • Take a screenshot of your room by the camera button in the top right corner. Click the right most icon and the screenshot will be saved on your compuer.

Social Media Star

  • Same place but click the left most icon. Unlike many similar achievements in other games, you do need an account on Twitter for this. But if you, like me, don’t like it, you can deactivate it in account settings afterwards.

When you click the Twitter icon, it opens Twitter in your browser. Just log in and copy the code in the game. When you share the screenshot, you get the achievement.

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  1. You can get “Designer III” just with one item, by clicking Move button. Placing item after moving it counts as well. I did it with single soda can.

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