My Time at Sandrock – Tips and Tricks for New Players

A quick reference of hints & tips for new players to the My Time series.

Beginners Tips


For those of you who are new to the My world series welcome!

Sandrock is a wonderful game, so much to do and explore…

I’ve played and researched Sandrock for many hours and keep finding things I’d previously overlooked.

Here are some starting recommendations and info I would like to share.

Notepad & Pen

  • To note things “to check out later”.
  • Sometimes there’s a lot going on and easy to forget details.

Game Speed

  • Go into Menu/Options and change game speed from default 2 to 0.5.
  • This slows the speed of the clock so you get more time to do things before 3am when you are forced to sleep.

Pause Game

  • Need to think about a potential action and want to stop the clock?
  • Press [ESC] to get to the main menu to gain some thinking time.

Hit Tab button to quicksave, use planting kit, etc.

  • It brings up a new directional menu. Has quicksave, camera, planting kit, etc.

Treasure Chests

  • These are scattered around the map. They contain interesting and useful items to help you on your way.
  • There are also white chests in the various caves.

Don’t Rush

  • It’s not a competition. Take time to enjoy the atmosphere and explore. There is so much that can be missed by rushing through the day.
  • The daily commissions have a limited time to be completed. They are easily do-able with some care in choosing and planning.


  • Very quickly you will run out of inventory/backpack space.


  • Pay to open more backpack slots.
  • Buy a Storage Chest from Arvio at the General Store in the first week.
    He gives a discount
  • Make Storage Chests on your Worktable.

You do you

  • We all have different game style preferences.
  • In Sandrock there is a lot to do and explore, find your own path and allow yourself to be immersed. The important thing is to have fun!


  • Each time you sleep an auto save is done.
  • Manual saves can be done at anytime with the option to rename/delete them for ease of reference.
  • Consider doing a save as a restore/load point after arriving at Sandrock. Then you can have look around, get used to the controls etc before doing a reload of that save to really get into the game.

Watch & Listen

  • Watch the cut scenes closely and listen to the other characters dialogue.
  • There are lots of clues and brilliant humour to enjoy.

Need help?

There are various ways to seek guidance and information.

  • Look at the in-game tutorials via the main menu.
  • Our guides.

Want more commissions?

  • Put a weekly ad in the local rag – Tumbleweed Standard.
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