Pathologic 2 – All Endings (Marble Nest DLC)

How to get all endings in the Pathologic2 DLC The Marble Nest.

Explanation About the DLC The Marble Nest

At the beginning of “Pathologic: The Marble Nest”, the Bachelor is confronted by an Executor and asked if he is ready to die. This repeats at the end of every day until a conclusion is reached. The Bachelor must come to terms with his fate and choose whether to die, or continue trying to stop the day’s events from happening.

There is ultimately no way to save the Bridge Square from infection. If the Bachelor manages to die before the end of the day, the Executor insults him for dying a meaningless death.

Ending One

  • Sometimes death is not the end, but merely a new beginning, but not in this case.
  • This loss was pointless. It teaches nothing.

Requirements: In the initial conversation with the Executor, confirm that you are ready to die, and accept your fate.

The Bachelor can accept death in the very first conversation with the Executor. The Executor happily takes him to die. The end title expresses disappointment and views this as a pointless death.

Ending Two

  • Anew the day begins.
  • This is also a way of conquering death, to return once again to the time petrified. And again. And again.
  • It’s a cycle. A pause. Things will change.
  • And the day starts anew.

Requirements: In the initial conversation with the Executor, ask for another attempt at the day. In the evening, ask to try again. After this ending, you will be woken again at 09:00 by Sticky.

While this provides an ending card like all others, Pathologic: The Marble Nest itself does not end upon making this choice. This option allows the Bachelor to repeat the day and make different choices. However, the day’s conclusion will not change. In the final conversation, the Bachelor denies death and the Executor for another day and promises to find another option. The Executor promises to see him soon.

Ending Three

  • It turned out to be true.
  • The transition is real, and the timeline continues. So does the entity I call myself.
  • More emotion. Less words. They are all obsolete.
  • It’s all different now.

Requirements: In the initial conversation with the Executor, ask for another attempt. In the evening, agree that you are ready to die.

The Bachelor can choose to accept death (and, in the Executor’s opinion, reality) after reliving the events of Saturday. The Executor applauds him and takes him to die.

Last Ending

  • The Laws we think immutable are false. The laws of nature that dictate morality. The laws of games we play.
  • Well done. One doesn’t have to follow them indefinitely. Rules are made to be changed.

Requirements: In the initial conversation with the Executor, ask for another attempt. Talk to the Tragedian outside of the Cathedral and agree to return with an open heart. In the evening, ask for a moment to think, then question the Executor about the rules.

To be able to make this choice, the Bachelor must provide the Tragedians with a heart. During the day, the Bachelor must help Cookaroo steal from the pharmacy. He can use his share of the stolen goods to help the injured Worm at the camp behind the cathedral, and receive a heart in return.

If the Bachelor completes the required lines of inquiry to speak with the Tragedian about games, the player can confront the Executor that evening. In this conversation, the Executor addresses the player directly. They praise the choice, but also acknowledge that the player themselves must make the same choice one day.

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