Myriad Mayhem – Beginners’ Guide

Introduction & Game Stats

This is a hero auto-rts game where the hero (You) moves about the map in an rpg style sim while units are automatically produced and path in the battlefield to your assistance.

Fortunately, only a couple of resources and data points need to be tracked during the game thanks to this design choice.

Health and regeneration are player resources that can be upgraded through talents, and provide you more chances to survive hits. This stat can be coupled with Armor that offers flat damage reduction. Simple formula.

Mana and mana regeneration are player resources that can be upgraded through talents, and control the amount of times you can fire off non-magic missile spells like Chain Lightning.

Your Army is an untracked stat that is automatically generated by your Stronghold and Barracks buildings. Amassing multiples of these structures supplements your army count but will ultimately burn through food faster as you field more units simultaneously.

Food is a building based resource, and your food maximum and generation is a produced through small and medium plot farms. Balancing your fielded army to your food generation is essential to ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed. Food will be drained by existing armies and the production of armies.

Gold is a resource managed through killing enemies or selling excess food through a Market building. As of the creation of this guide, you can only create one market building but in the later stage of the game that is typically enough. Gold is virtually limitless so long as you continue to kill invaders or produce a food surplus.

If you feel like you need to view your stats, you can access them mid-game through the pause menu.

Playing the game will generate meta points to spend in upgrading your character(s) for future runs, a roguelite feature. This is accompanied by different starting equipment such as rings or armors that give additional stat modifiers.

Gameplay Tips

While the first section more or less explains the basic premise of the game, you might appreciate some tips to start off in the right direction. I was able to complete the game during my first run and reach meta level 19 which is, of course, a big early boon.

  • Establish a strong food supply immediately. A medium and a small farm plot at the start will allow your army to automatically field itself into stronger numbers while the enemy force is still underwhelming. In combination with your skills and soldiers, you’ll be able to clear a lot of ground and make xp and gold farming chokepoints.
  • Plan your building placement ahead. You can only benefit from a strong food supply, but may want to consider that after a certain point, enemies will no longer be able to reach the farthest points of your base. In short, it may be more beneficial to shoulder the burden of defense and establish lots of farms in your beginning territory which in the later stages of the game can easily defended so that you may focus on more forward barracks buildings. Save one of your medium plots for an early market structure to take the most advantage of this.
  • Harass barbarian forts by yourself. As it stands during the creation of this guide, a maxed out movement speed through talents will allow you to strafe and shoot all structures without taking damage. This can be a tedious process without damage buffs but weakening the strength of enemy spawn points and returning periodically will help manage threats once your attention begins to become spread out. Advancing too quickly will activate stronger responses, so farming your power is a valid strategy.
  • Be prepared to lose some ground. Tending to threats on one side of the map can and will end up in you having to sacrifice land on the other side if you stray for too long. Eventually this will be negligible damage, but ensuring you have watch towers, barracks and strongholds to draw enemy aggression and buy yourself more time to clear out another looming threat will greatly benefit you. Remember, gold is basically infinite.


  • Beware of boss! At the creation of this guide, there was only one boss I encountered. It will do decent damage and have a very sizable health pool. Ensuring you have strong damage potential or a lot of flesh and stone to block the way forward will earn you an easy victory, however.
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