HoloCure – Save the Fans! – Ultra Hardcore Guide

This serves as a guide for you to beat Ultra Hardcore in Holocure, keep in mind that this is my version of Ultra Hardcore.

How to Activate Ultra Hardcore

In order to activate Ultra Hardcore you must:

  • Enable hardcore from shop
  • Enable no items
  • Enable no weapons
  • Signature weapon should be level 1 (Meaning in game immediately eliminate the option to level up your main weapon)

Recommended Characters

So far I’ve only tested with 2 characters, These 2 characters are what I would recommend using:

Amelia Watson

Her skill Bubba is a very useful companion that fights alongside you with great AoE and her special ability Slow Time gives you room to move around when you’re in a sticky situation.

Kureiji Ollie

Her skills Zombie Ninjutsu and Undead are crucial as her basic attack is useless. Undead offers you a chance to revive (be careful of the cooldown) and Zombie Ninjutsu at full charge is your best bet of damage.

I would suggest using Ame as she is easier to use especially with her special ability.

1 more thing, make sure your characters are at least G.Rank 21.

Pregame Preperation

1 thing to do before attempting the challenge is by preparing food buffs in order to make the challenge a little bit easier (Note: Feel free to skip this part however this will help in the long run).

  • Pufferfish Meal Set – buffs shown in the image.
  • Tuna Sandwich – buffs shown in the image.
  • Manta Ray Soup – gain 1 extra life.

Whether you want an extra chance at the challenge in 1 run or extra stat bonuses, pick 1 of the 3 foods.

Note: Make sure your character is in Gachakoi level and have at least G.Rank 21 in order to get the highest amount of stats possible.

Recommended Stamps

Stamps are found randomly in the game and sometimes it takes a while to get. Here is a tier list of which one’s to go for and an explanation for all

Must Have (S Tier)

  • Solo – Increases damage by 5% with each empty weapon slot maxing at 15% with each empty weapon slot totaling up to 125% extra damage
  • Pacifist (Stun) – Weapons hit have a 10% chance to stun enemies temporarily also has 20% chance to destroy projectiles. Capping at 30% chance to stun and 40% chance to destroy projectiles.
  • Cold – On hit, if the player does not get attacked by an enemy for 4 seconds, the enemy may
  • become Frozen and take 50% cold damage for 3 seconds. Capping at 70% cold damage.

Pretty Good (A Tier)

  • Attack Up – Increase damage of weapon by 15% and crit damage by 5%. Capping at 25% weapon damage and 15% crit damage
  • Weaken – Attacks have a chance to reduce the ATK by 20% and DEF by 5% of the enemies. Capping at 30% ATK reduction and 10% DEF reduction.
  • Slow – Attacks can slow enemies with 10% chance and deal 30% of weapon damage for 5 seconds. Capping at 25% slow chance and 50% weapon damage for 5 seconds.
  • Haste Up – Increase Haste by 15% and capping at 25%.

Good (B Tier)

  • Bomb – Attacks have 10% chance to blow up targets nearby, damage based on 30% weapon’s damage. Capping at 30% chance to blow up targets.
  • Knockback – Weapons have a chance to knockback enemies. Knockback strength is increased by 30% if the effect is already active. Knockback strength is increased by 100% if the effect is already active at max level.
  • Crit up – Increase the chance of critical hits caused by this weapon by 10% capping at 30% at max level

Decent (C Tier)

  • Marking – Marks a target when hit. The marked target will receive 20% of the damage inflicted on any other targets. Capping at 30% damage inflicted at max level.
  • Projectile Up – Additional 1 shot to ranged multi shot weapons. Capping at 2 projectile shot and only recommended to level up to 2.
  • Size Up – Increases size by 15% capping at 25% at max level.

Don’t Bother (D Tier)

  • RGB – Attacks looks more fancy no other effect making it useless
  • Reverse – Reverses weapon attack making it useless
  • Trumpet – Weapons make trumpet sound and no other effect making it useless
  • Greed – Only good for farming holocoins but in this case you’re trying to survive a hard challenge so don’t bother
  • Lightness – Decreases main damage weapon in exchange for speed, would not recommend
  • Life Steal – In hardcore you only get 1 hp making this stamp useless
  • Unit – Decrease damage of main weapon but increases damage of other weapons but in this challenge you can only use your main so it is useless in this run.

Full Tier List

In-Game Strategies and Tips

After preparing for the challenge, here are some tips to keep in mind to make life a little bit easier and to improve your success rate:

At level 1, make sure to eliminate the option to level up your main weapon as to make sure when you get supply crates drop it only gives holocoins and furthermore, avoid and ignore anvils.

Prioritize getting Speed stat up as to make dodging easier (very helpful in the long run)

2nd priority should be Crit up and try to aim for above 80% crit stat

Lastly, go for attack up once you’ve at least secured 80% crit and focus on attack and speed from now on

Here are some more tips in game:

  • Only use your special ability when you are in a very sticky situation or if you’re swarmed
  • Avoid areas with trees and with fences that are obstacles, trust me this will cause most of your runs to fail since you cant see enemies hidden in trees unless you’re inside the leaves
  • Always use your special ability when supply crates drop these mana crystals so that your special ability meter refills at full


Once you’ve gone through everything stated in this guide, it is up to your skill and determination to finish this challenge for yourself

You may fail… But keep on trying until you succeed, GOOD LUCK to those who wish to participate such challenge

PS: This took me over 10 tries to accomplish so don’t get discouraged

Written by Eito

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