NBA 2K23 – Pure Hybrid Center Build Guide (for Center Enjoyers)

Now i will share with y’all my pure hybrid center i’ve been working on for probably 3 weeks now.

Guide to Pure Hybrid Center Build


I tested this build in MyCareer and is invincible (no matter the difficulty) and in MyPark with the help of TryingTo we tested the build and is extremely op nobody can get contact dunk on you with this build and you can easily contact dunk other people no matter the height , as for the shooting is not that bright but you can still score mid-ranges

You will wonder what this build can do, right ? For sure, this build can finish like Shaquille O’Neil and Javale McGee (in prime), can shoot (only the mid-range), can pass like Jokic and can defend like Hakeem and Dikembe.

Without further ado, let me present the build.

Build Attributes

Body Settings

  • Height: 7’0
  • Weight: 239 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’10


  • Close Shot: 68
  • Driving Layup: 72
  • Driving Dunk: 92
  • Standing Dunk: 94
  • Post Control: 94


  • Mid-Range: 37 (still possible to green even with 37, recomended to shoot from fadeaways (with Dirk Nowitzki fadeaway animation), use shooting boosts and against under 6’10 you can get below 40% contest)
  • 3-Point: 25
  • Free Throw: 62


  • Pass Accuracy: 69
  • Ball Handle: 50 (recomanded to use bronze/silver unpluckable)
  • Speed With Ball: 45


  • Interior Defence: 93
  • Perimeter Defence: 45 (enough to contest shooters above 60%)
  • Steal: 47 (u can get mad steals even with 47)
  • Block: 99 (this attribute left me speechless)
  • Offensive Rebound: 58 (enough to get the rebound after ur shooter bricked it)
  • Defensive Rebound: 90


  • Speed: 73
  • Acceleration: 65
  • Strength: 86 (can body easily 93+ strength centers)
  • Vertical: 80
  • Stamina: 90

Takeover: Post Scorer (first) and Rim Protector (second)


For badges, you can choose as you wish, but i will recommend the badges that i prefer.


  • Bully: Bronze
  • Fast Twitch: Silver
  • Limitless Takeoff: Gold
  • Posterizer: Silver
  • Slithery: Bronze
  • Aerial Wizard: Bronze
  • Dream Shake: Bronze
  • Backdown Punisher: Silver
  • Post Spin Technician: Gold
  • Rise Up: Gold


  • Floor General: Bronze
  • Quick First Step: Silver (can work good even on Bronze, if you prefer Bronze you can put the 2 left points in Break Starter and Post Playmaker)
  • Vice Grip: Bronze
  • Needle Threader: Bronze
  • Unpluckable: Bronze


  • Anchor: Hall of Fame
  • Chase Down Artist: Gold
  • Post Lockdown: Gold
  • Boxout Beast: Silver (if you want you can change it to Bronze, you can put the points to Rebound Chaser Silver or Brick Wall Gold)
  • Rebound Chaser: Bronze
  • Brick Wall: Silver
  • Pogo Stick: Silver
Written by MirceaTheWarrior

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