Necrosmith – Tips for People Struggling

People Struggling Tips

For people who are struggling, i recommend no making a ton of minions.

The enemies wont spawn until you discover their base (not sure if this is by design).

I usually start out by just sending my cat out for a few days and then i make 1 or 2 minions. I take control of one of them that has a lot of aoe (golem with steam guns, vampires, etc). Also I’ll keep him on my base to attack any waves that the 2nd minion activates, and i just let the 2nd minion roam. I’ll typically make the minion that i keep at my base be slow as heck in case i need to take control of another one that decided to walk past a base and not destroy it.

Also don’t forget to upgrade your tower as you get blueprints, those power-ups make a huge difference as they pile up.

Longest match for me has been a few hours long with this strategy. Just sharing what works for me since i’ve seen a lot of reviews about people not being able to survive.

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